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About Our Formula

Do you use the whole sheep sorrel plant, including the roots, in your formula?Yes - That is the only way the tea will be most effective. It's also the way that Rene Caisse recommended. Watch this video about her story here. In Rene Caisse's research, the formula with the sheep sorrel that included the roots to worked best. The sheep sorrel we use is 20% root, which means it contains the whole root. Read more about Essiac and sheep sorrel root by clicking here.



What can Essiac do for me?
Essiac can be used for gentle full body detox and immune support to help your body return to it's pristine state so that it can function just as nature intended. Click here to read about the benefits of Essiac Tea.

Do you have Testimonials?
Absolutely! You can click on any product and read the reviews, or you can watch Testimonials by clicking here.

Are your herbs organic?
7 of the 8 herbs are Certified Organic. The 8th herb, sheep sorrel including the root, is wildcrafted and chemical free. We weren't able to obtain Organic sheep sorrel including the root in the quantities we need.

Are your herbs irradiated? Do they contain chemicals or pesticides?
All of our herbs are non-irradiated, chemical-free and pesticide-free.


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Are your herbs fresh?
Yes! Our herbs are incredibly fresh because we sell thousands of pounds of Essiac herbs each month. We turn over the majority of our herb inventory every 2-3 weeks. Many customers have commented on how fresh the herbs look, smell and taste. If you purchase Essiac from an outlet that sells more than one herbal formula, you're more likely to receive stale herbs. Essiac is the only product we carry, so the inventory is always up-to-date. This means, once you've purchased them, they still keep for up to 2 years. Read more about our herb quality here.

Where do your herbs come from?
All of our herbs come from the U.S. because this allows us to deliver the most consistent, effective and affordable product that undergoes rigorous quality testing. Currently 7 of our 8 herbs come from an herb company called "Starwest Botanicals" located in California. They have the most stringent testing standards in the country. The 8th herb is grown by a private grower in Arkansas because we were not able to get the sheep sorrel containing the roots from Starwest. Read more about our herbs.

Why do you use powdered herbs?
Powdered herbs are more expensive for us to use than whole herbs, but the extra cost we bear is well worth it. This is because powdered herbs make for a more potent brew. With powdered (pulverized) herbs, there is more surface area on the herbs for the extracts to seep into the tea. Anything in powdered form mixes easier and more thoroughly.

Furthermore, powdered herbs are pulverized to a fine enough level that they can remain in the tea and be consumed along with the tea. It is preferred that you consume the herb particles in addition to the tea, as the herbs might contain beneficial compounds. This is a similar argument to those who tell you to eat the whole fruit versus only drinking the juice or taking a vitamin pill. By consuming the herbs along with the tea, you won't miss out on any of the important chemical compounds that are part of whole foods. Read more about powdered herbs and their benefits.

Which herbs make up eight herb Essiac? Is four herb Essiac better?
The eight herbs that make up Essiac are: blessed thistle, burdock root, kelp, red clover, sheep sorrel, slippery elm bark, turkish rhubarb root, and watercress. Eight herb Essiac is superior to four herb Essiac and Rene Caisse proved it. Read why here. You can also learn more about what is in Essiac Tea here.

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How does eight herb Essiac taste?
Eight herb Essiac has a slightly bitter, grassy taste. If it's not slightly bitter, be warned that it's not real Essiac! The watercress is the main culprit for this. Some Essiac blends don't include watercress, but Rene Caisse demonstrated that particular herb is crucial to the formula. Some companies leave it out to make it taste better. It's a huge mistake!

Most people get accustomed to the taste after a couple of weeks of taking Essiac Tea. Since you will generally only be taking 3 oz. at a time, it should not be a problem to drink that small amount even if you don't enjoy the taste. Essiac Tea isn't meant to be sipped and savored for pleasure. It's meant to be taken cold like a shot straight from the fridge. It doesn't taste awful - but most don't find it delicious either. Personally, it reminds me of taking green tea with no sweetener. It's not a big deal.

You may add stevia, honey or any unsweetened fruit or vegetable juice to your Essiac Tea dose after it’s been brewed. You may also add extra water to reduce the thickness if you like. You can purchase Organic Stevia by clicking here. Learn more about how you can improve the taste of Essiac here.

What if Essiac doesn't do anything for me?
It's super rare that taking this product doesn't help, but it happens. If you don't see any improvement in your health after six months of use, we refund your cost. Click here to learn more about our Industry-Exclusive Guarantee.


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Why does your Essiac cost so much less than the Essiac at the health food store or from other sites?
Our Essiac has the same eight herbs as these more expensive products. Our formula is the most effective ever found in clinical trials. It IS "the real deal." Our formula is the result of the research that Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch conducted over an eight-year period.

We are able to sell it at a lower price due to the large volume of Essiac we sell. Also, we do not maintain a physical store - only a warehouse. This saves lots of money. Finally, it is more important to us to help you with your health than it is for us to make a huge profit. Our goal is to make a living, not a fortune. Due to all these factors, we are able to keep our prices low.

Be careful when comparing price with companies who sell only a couple of weeks' worth at a time — we sell enough to last months at a time which saves you a ton of money.

It costs less than $1 per day to use our Essiac — the best price you'll find anywhere! Check out our Price Match Guarantee.


Using the Tea

Is there a Quick Start Resource Page?
Yes! Check out our Genuine Essiac Cheat Sheet.

Can I heat up the Essiac and drink it warm?
It's suggested to drink the Essiac straight from the fridge - cold. If you reheat it, you risk overprocessing it. If you cannot drink it cold, you may drink it left out at room temperature (but be sure to refrigerate the pitcher all the time and simply take out individual servings to leave out at room temperature when needed).

How many times per day should I drink Essiac?
You can take 3 oz. of Essiac three times per day if you are looking to improve your health and/or if you are new to Essiac Tea. If you are looking to maintain already great results or you want to use Essiac preventively you can take 3 oz. twice per day. Click here for more info on how much Essiac to take.

How long should I continue taking Essiac tea?
We suggest taking Essiac continuously for at least six months. It's perfectly fine to stay on Essiac Tea for life with no breaks. That is what we do around here! It's a great insurance policy of sorts for your health.

If I am healthy, can I still take Essiac Tea?
Yes; Essiac can be taken as a general daily supplement for those who are healthy. There is no risk of overdoing it. The vitamins and minerals in the tea are all at levels that are healthy and natural for long term use. See the Essiac Tea Nutrition facts by clicking here.

Are there any side effects?
You might experience mild stomach/intestinal irritation if you start immediately on the aggressive level of 3 oz. three times per day. This may include loose stools or an increased frequency of stool. This is a good thing: it's a sign of detoxification and will not harm your body as long as you're able to tolerate any discomfort.

The vast majority of people who experience this aren’t bothered by it and it doesn’t interfere at all with their day. If you are bothered by these symptoms, start with 1/2 to 1/3 of the recommended dose and ease your way into taking the full amount as tolerated. Please keep in mind that this will also mean the adjustment period will be more drawn out. In addition, please don't start "counting" your time on Essiac until you are taking the recommended amount.

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What should I do if I am on medication?
You can take Essiac along with your medications. You can take them at the same time or at a different time as your tea - it's up to you. There are no medications that interfere with Essiac Tea.

Does Essiac cause blood thinning? Is it OK to take Essiac if you are on blood thinning medication?
Essiac doesn't thin the blood like warfarin or coumadin do. Because of that, you can take Essiac while you are on those medications.

If I have a surgery coming up, can I still take my Essiac?
Always follow your doctor's recommendations about what you can and can't take before surgery. In general, it is wise to avoid taking Essiac Tea for two days prior to your surgery to be sure that there will be no issue with having your procedure. In most cases, you can resume Essiac Tea as soon as you are able to eat or drink normally again after surgery. Always listen to your doctor on this matter.

How should I store my Essiac Tea once I've brewed it?
Your brewed Essiac Tea must be refrigerated, since there are no additives or preservatives in this product. Avoid storing brewed tea for longer than 2-3 weeks, because after that time the tea may spoil.

Store your tea in a container of your choice such as the type you'd use for iced tea. By the time you will be storing the Essiac it would have cooled down, so no special pitcher is needed.

We suggest containers that have an open top so that you can stir your Essiac before pouring. Dark bottles are not necessary, because your refrigerator is dark inside anyway (hence, no opportunity for the tea to experience light damage). Clean all containers thoroughly with hot water and soap before using them to store your Essiac.


How much Essiac Tea should I take?
Click here for instructions, which also appear on the labels on each bag of Essiac as well as in the pamphlet that comes along with each order. You can also watch a video here on how to take Essiac tea.

How do I prepare my Essiac Tea?
Click here for Brewing instructions. They also appear on each bag of Essiac as well as in the pamphlet that comes along with each order. You can also hear from Dr. Powell, Naturopath, who shows you a longer form video of how to brew Essiac tea while explaining what it's used for. Watch now.

How come you don't recommend that we brew the tea twice like some companies do?
Most likely, companies that ask you to bring the tea to a boil twice are using regular (not powdered) herbs. It’s harder to get the medicinal extract out of large herb particles, hence the boiling twice being necessary.

Dr. Charles Brusch and Rene Caisse have performed studies on the various brewing methods and never found an additional benefit to brewing powdered herbs twice. Some people believe that you must bring liquids to a boil twice to kill any bacteria. This does not apply to our powdered herbs. They are already bacteria free and that has been confirmed by testing.

How should I store my Essiac herbs?
Store the herbs in the packaging they arrived in. Keep them in a relatively cool, dark place in your home away from direct heat and sunlight. No need to use the refrigerator as it's better to have the product stored room temperature. Unopened packets of herbs stay fresh for two years from date of purchase.

I've read that you shouldn't purchase the Essiac herbs already mixed, but rather it is better to purchase the herbs individually and blend them yourself. Why?
The main reason this is suggested is because there is nothing stopping a company from giving you a cheaper formula that isn't really Essiac in order to cut costs. A shady company might include more of one herb that happens to be less expensive and less of an herb that is more expensive. You'd never know the difference! However, since the eight-herb formula is not public information, you cannot simply make your own Essiac blend yourself.

Even if you could, another problem is that herbs will cost you much more when you purchase them in small quantities individually rather than in huge bulk orders like we do.

It is a matter of trust when you order pre-blended herbs, but we wish to assure you that we are a highly ethical company and would never compromise your health or our business by trying to cut costs. Let's face it - if we wished to take advantage of you, we would certainly charge more than we do! We are one of the least expensive Essiac options around. Plus, we rely on repeat business to be successful. If our Essiac didn't work, no one would ever re-order and we would lose out in the end. We've been here for 16 years for a reason :)

Why is there "sludge" or "mud" at the bottom of my container? Should I throw it out?
It's best to consume the herbs as part of each serving. Therefore, please do not strain and throw out the particles at the bottom. It's important to get some of these particles into each and every serving. The herbs are meant to be in your body and not in the trash! This is how Rene Caisse recommended it be taken. The most effective way to get the herbs into you is to use a large wooden spoon to stir the pitcher before pouring each serving. You can leave the lid off your container to make this more convenient. Stirring tends to work better than shaking especially when the pitcher is full.

Do can I take it with meals or do I need to take it on an empty stomach?
Essiac should be taken on an empty stomach. Take your tea at least one hour before eating a meal and at least two hours after your last meal. For example, if you finish lunch at 12pm you need to have Essiac by 11am, and you can have another serving at 2pm. If you are concerned you will not have time to get enough food, check out our sample eating schedule.

If you cannot comply with this once in a while, taking Essiac with food once in awhile is always better than not taking it at all. You are allowed to have black coffee, plain tea, fruit or vegetable juice with your Essiac as well as supplements and medications and that still counts as an "empty stomach." You can have as much water as you like well.

What type of water should I use to make Essiac?
Any pure water you'd normally use to drink is fine. Distilled water, well water, spring water, or filtered tap water are all fine.

essiac frequently asked questions

Ordering Questions

How can I order?
We recommend that you place your order via our shopping cart. Additionally you can always call in your order if you prefer. Our cart accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal, ShopPay and Amazon Pay. If you wish to call in your order you may use: 978-504-9517. You can also call TOLL FREE: 1-866-377-4221 (1-866-4ESSIAC).

We offer one-time purchases as well as Subscribe and Save autoship programs for all Essiac products. In that program you will receive 10% off.

Products are automatically delivered on the schedule of your choosing upon enrollment. You may modify or cancel your autoship subscription anytime. You are saving 10% by enrolling in this program. You will be reminded of upcoming charges and shipments 3 days in advance. You cannot cancel an order that has already been processed, so be sure to cancel unwanted autoship orders at least 1 day in advance as orders are often processed at midnight EST. Otherwise, in the event an unwanted product is shipped, you will need to return the item by following these steps. Please ensure that you still cancel your subscription after returning the item. You may contact us to ask us to do it for you if you don't know how.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your recurring orders. We can help you modify a subscription if you reach out at least 24 hours before your charge will occur. You may change your own subscription right up until the charge takes please. Visit this page for more information about returning a product you forgot to cancel that you received from Subscribe and Save.

Visit our help center to read more about our Subscribe and Save autoship program by clicking here.


How do I access my Genuine Essiac Account?
Here is where you can login:

The button is located at the top of the site. This is to help manage your account whether or not you have an Essiac Tea subscription.

If you don't remember your password, you can use this link to reset it:


If you still can't get in to manage your subscription after trying those things:

Please note that we don't automatically create a Shopify account with the same email address because customers will need to input a password on account creation in order to have that option.

What might be happening is you have gone to log in on the GenuineEssiac.com end, rather than visiting your portal from the link emailed to you, and you get a message that the email address is not linked to an account.

If you create a GenuineEssiac.com account with the same email address as their ReCharge account, the two will be linked and there should be a "Manage subscription" link on your GenuineEssiac.com account page that takes them to the ReCharge customer portal where you can update details.

Here is the create an account page:


Please let us know if you still are having trouble. We can always make desired changes over email rather than you having to deal with logging in.

Which shipping company do you use? When can I expect to receive my order?
We ship Free Priority mail domestically via USPS.com. For more info. on how we ship and how shipping methods might affect the herbs please see: USPS and the essiac herbs. We also offer UPS shipping for a fee. International customers may choose between USPS and UPS. We can ship FedEx upon request. If you order online or over the phone, we process and ship your order by Tuesday or Friday, whichever comes first. Cutoff for orders is noon EST on Tuesday and Friday. If you require faster processing, please call in your order at 1-978-504-9517 and more rapid shipping can usually be arranged. You can also call TOLL FREE: 1-866-377-4221 (1-866-4ESSIAC).

Most orders within the US will come in 2-3 business days. Most international orders take 2-10 days to arrive from date of order. UPS is on the faster side and USPS is on the slower side. Go here to read more about international shipping and why ordering from us intertnationally helps save you money compared to buying essiac in your country.


Do you provide tracking numbers?
Yes, you will receive the tracking number via email, SMS or Messenger (you'll be able to sign up for the one you'd like). Please note that the USPS tracking updates are not as often or detailed as with some carriers, especially for international orders. However you will always get notification when the order is shipped as well as when it arrives in your country and is delivered. If you never received tracking and you need it please contact us. Your tracking may have ended up in spam, so please check there too.

Do you include instructions with the orders?
Yes, we include instructions and contact information should you need further product support. The instructions are provided in ounces. If you prefer instructions in grams and mL (metric), please specify that by using the notes section of the shopping cart when you place your order.

Do you have distributors such as other websites or retail stores with your tea who are closer to me?
No, we ship everything direct from our warehouse.

What type of packaging will my Essiac arrive in?
Your herbs will arrive in the specified number of 1 oz., 4 oz. or 1 lb. sealed and labeled packets. These units are stand-alone packages complete with brewing and dosage instructions. Wholesale orders do not have our website or our contact info. on the label in case you wish to resell them.

How do I order Wholesale?
You can see this page for more information about our wholesale program.

How soon can I expect my shipment?
We ship on Tuesdays and Fridays. All orders received by noon on Tuesday or Friday make the shipping cutoff. Orders coming in after those dates go out on the next ship date. We ship Free Priority US orders via USPS Priority Mail and after we've shipped it takes 2-3 business days on average to arrive to you. We also offer UPS shipments for a fee, and you will be able to choose the UPS service speed that best meets your needs.

For international orders, average wait time is 2-10 days with UPS being faster and USPS being slower. However, in some rare cases it can take a couple of weeks for the herbs to clear customs once it arrives in your country. This is unusual but it happens. Unfortunately that is out of our control. Please plan orders accordingly. We can ship Fed Ex upon request, but the prices are much higher than with UPS. We can also use your Fed Ex account of you prefer. (Contact us to inquire on the availability and options). Go here for more information on international shipping speeds and the cost savings of ordering from us even if you live in another country.

Will the Essiac be allowed into my country? What if my package is seized by customs?
Before ordering, please confirm with your country's regulating bodies that they will allow herbal tea into your country. You may want to tell them that the Essiac herbal tea contains these eight herbs: blessed thistle, burdock root, kelp, red clover sheep sorrel including the root, slippery elm bark, turkey rhubarb root, and watercress. However, note that we do not write these ingredients out on the customs slip - we simply write "herbal tea."

We are not responsible for any orders that don't arrive to you because they are seized by customs or other government organizations. Although we normally don't encounter these problems, there is always a risk. We include a special note that allows the product to be brought into Australia with Australian orders. Customers are solely responsible for any fees or duties to receive our products into the destination country - aside from the fact that we prepay Canadian fees and duties for you for orders 3 lb. 4 oz. and under when selecting USPS as your shipping method. The same terms and conditions that apply to our domestic orders apply to international returns.

What type of customs can I expect for international orders?
You will not owe VAT, but there may be other customs fees. You will pay them upon receiving the goods, not in advance. If you order 3 lb. 4 oz. or less when selecting USPS as your shipping method, there will be no customs charges. All other countries and larger Canadian order sizes can expect customs charges. The charges are similar for a small parcel and a large parcel, so we suggest ordering the largest parcel you can use within 2 years to save as much money as possible on customs fees.

How much does shipping cost?
Within the US, all orders ship via USPS Priority Mail for free. You may select UPS to ship your orders as well. International shipping charges vary by location and we offer USPS and UPS for most countries. You can see a shipping quote once you select the product you’d like and enter your address in our shopping cart. Go here for more information on international shipping and the cost savings you'll enjoy ordering from our site.

What is your return policy?
We accept unopened returns for up to 30 days from date of purchase. We also will replace your parcel if the product arrives damaged in some way. Your satisfaction is our goal. Click here to learn how to return your Essiac.

Orders once placed cannot be canceled because it causes too much confusion for the shipping department and the timing doesn't always allow us to intercept the request prior to the order being shipped. However, you may return your order using the information found at the link above.

You also may receive a replacement for any order that arrives in damaged condition. Simply contact us in that case and there is usually no need to return the product that was shipped to you.

essiac tea information

About Our Company

Where are you located?
We're based out of Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA.

How long have you been in the herbal tea business?
We have been making and distributing Essiac since 1986. This website was launched in 2018 - although we've been selling direct to consumers for the past 17 years.

How many customers have used your product?
The eight herb Essiac Tea formula we carry has been taken by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

Do you offer customer support?
Yes. You may call 1-978-504-9517 or TOLL FREE: 1-866-377-4221 (1-866-4ESSIAC) You can also email genuineessiac @ gmail.com or use messenger on our Facebook Page Genuine Essiac" We answer phone calls 24/7 and return email and messenger inqueries twice per day on weekdays and once per day on weekends.

Do you have other products besides Essiac?
Only one - stevia that you can use to add to Essiac. Order it by clicking here. We are the Essiac experts!


I was warned to avoid red clover due to the estrogen. Do you have Essiac without red clover?
The good news is that the red clover is a tiny percentage of the formula. Furthermore, Essiac works as a synergistic formula, meaning that the combination of herbs has a different effect than any of the one herbs taken on its own. If we pulled the red clover out of the tea, it wouldn’t be Essiac anymore - and for that we don't offer any Essiac without the red clover. Rene Caisse was adamant the red clover must be included. Read more about red clover and Essiac Tea.

Do you offer Essiac with no kelp?
No, for the same reason we don't offer red clover free Essiac. The formula works as a whole, and when you remove any one part of it you're not going to be able to get the same benefit. Kelp is a tiny portion of the formula, and although it contains iodine, the amount is very low. We have had zero reactions reported from those who are sensitive to iodine. Always consult with your medical provider.



Can I take Essiac while on blood thinners?
Yes. Essiac is an adaptogen, meaning that your blood viscosity will regulate back to normal. It will not thin blood that is already thin enough, due to medication or otherwise.

Can I take Essiac along with radiation or chemotherapy?
Yes. There is no interference between the two.

Can I take Essiac with other alternative or traditional treatments?
Yes. There is no treatment that interferes with Essiac Tea.


essiac tea frequenctly asked questions and answers


Can I take Essiac along with radiation or chemotherapy?
Yes. There is no interference between the two.

Can I take Essiac with other alternative or traditional treatments?
Yes. There is no treatment that interferes with Essiac Tea.

I read that Essiac is bad for those with poor kidney function. Is this true?
Our eight herb Essiac has no contraindication for those with poor kidney function. We can't comment on other formulas. The four herb formulas are a completely different product and may have other contraindications that ours does not.


I hope you enjoyed learning more about Essiac tea on our FAQ page!


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