Which is Really Better – Four Herb or Eight Herb Essiac?


The original four herb formula has been hyped by other essiac companies, implying that it’s the best essiac out there and you should never settle for any other formula.

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The reality is that the four herb formula is an outdated formula that didn’t stand up in Rene Caisse’s research. Like many things, the original isn’t always the best. With new information, most products are improved over time, and essiac is no different.

However, those in-the-know always reach for eight herb essiac. The reason is, eight herb essiac contains the same four herbs in the same ratios as the four herb tea, but it also contains four additional herbs that were added during the time when Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch studied this formula from the years of 1959-1967. This work was performed at the Brusch Medical Research Center in Cambridge, MA, which is right near our headquarters.

four herb essiac versus eight herb


Furthermore, Rene Caisse has always used powderd herbs for her eight essiac formula. Yes, powdered herbs are messier, and yes they are more expensive, but she knew that they were the best form to use. Here is a clip of a video of Rene Caisse using powdered herbs.


I can explain why our serving size of eight herb essiac is higher than the four herb brands. Since our formula contains the same four herbs as theirs plus four additional herbs, we have to have a higher serving size in order to leave the original four herbs at the same serving size and still have room for the additional herbs. Many four herb blends have 2 oz. as the serving size, and ours is 3 oz. The extra oz. is to account for the extra herbs.

Did you know - four herb essiac is cheaper to make? In spite of that, we never have chosen to sell it. We simply will not sell anything that we don't believe in.

The eight herb formula was never released to the public. Our family was given the formula because Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch trusted that we would continue their mission of making essiac tea available to all at an affordable price AND in their preferred powdered eight herb form. Here is the document showing our connection to Rene Caisse and Dr. Brusch.


rene caisse essiac research
I hope this information helps make some sense out of the oftentimes confusing world of essiac!


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