How to Brew Essiac Tea One Cup at a Time

It's not a good idea to brew one cup essiac tea at a time on a regular basis. However, it's OK to do it for emergencies when you will be unable to brew your essiac the usual way.

The biggest reason we don't suggest brewing essiac tea one cup at a time is because you will miss out on the 12 hour steeping process. The steeping process helps the tea work at it's best. However, making essiac via the one-cup method is much better than not taking it at all.

There is another problem when you brew essiac by the cup. It's that you are at a greater risk of measurement error since you are dealing with such a small quantity of herbs and water. It's much more accurate to make a huge batch and then take the servings from there. For those reasons we don't advise making essiac one cup at a time unless it's truly your only option.


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I'll Teach You How to Brew Essiac Tea One Cup at a Time Right Now

To prepare a 3-oz. serving, use 2/3 of 1 tsp. of herbs. Boil 3 oz. of water (you can use a coffee maker if that's what you have access to) and add the 2/3 tsp. of essiac. Cook for 10 minutes. The tea can be taken warm or chilled.

To prepare a 9-oz. serving (for the day), use 2 tsp. of herbs. Boil 9 oz. of water and add the 2 tsp. of essiac. Cook for 10 minutes. The unused portion doesn't need to be refrigerated as long as it's consumed the same 24 hour period you brewed it. Feel free to bring it with you and consume when it's time.


What About Capsules? Do Those Work?

I'll be honest with you, we haven't seen the same results with capsules as with the brewed tea through all our years of doing this work. Because of that, we don't feel good about recommending their use. However, if it's your last resort, capsules are better than nothing. Be sure to buy capsules that contain all 8 essiac herbs in the ingredient list.

By following our suggestion on how to essiac one cup at a time, you can bring the powder along and make it even while traveling. As long as you have access to a hotel room and a cup you'll have all you will need. 

Resist the temptation to make one cup essiac tea while at home because you believe "fresher is better." This simply isn't true. The essiac keeps perfectly fine in the fridge for 2-3 weeks. Your best bet is to follow the regular brewing instructions whenever possible.


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  • Hi Carol,

    When brewing essiac tea with tea bags, you don’t get the herb particles into your body the way you do with our brewing process. You also miss out on the 12 hour steeping process. Capsules miss out on both as well since you can’t fit all the herbs you’d normally ingest into a tiny capsule.

    That said, if your only choice is to skip essiac or use one of these methods, go ahead and do it. Just know you’re not getting the full effect of the traditional brewing process.


  • I’m wondering about the use of tinctures or tea bags. (For travel) I see items for sale on Amazon.

  • Hi Ileen,

    We are glad to have been able to be there during your time of need. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Be well!

    -Gina and Bryan

  • Essiac has saved my life. I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of lymphoma. Taking Essiac at the same time as taking my targeted gene therapy medication has saved my life. The Essiac has not only been instrumental in my healing, it has helped mitigate the side effects of the drug .
    I am forever grateful to Brian Paulhus.

    Ileen Maisel

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