Cost of International Shipping When Ordering Our Essiac if You Live Outside the U.S.

Learn the 5 Reasons Why It's Cheaper Overall to Order From Genuine Essiac - Even if You Live Outside the United States

Many folks who live outside the U.S. come across our Genuine Essiac and end up wanting to order Essiac from a seller in their country instead in order to save on shipping costs.

In this article, you’ll learn 5 reasons why you should order our Essiac in spite of the high shipping costs, and why our site will help save you money every single time!

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Reason #1 It's really, really difficult to get your hands on Authentic Essiac

Real Essiac is very hard to come by. There are less than a handful of companies that sell it, and the ones who do tend to charge anywhere from four to eight times as much as we do. This means if it costs $100 to buy our herbs, the same herbs from these companies could be $400 to $800. Given the usage rate of the average person, this can be a savings of well over a thousand dollars per year. Beyond that, finances aside, the only companies you can trust are ones that have a proven lineage to the correct formula.


Reason #2 You have to compare the actual cost of using Essiac – not just the sticker price

Many people see the price point being lower and rush to grab that product. But the questions you need to ask are, "How much are you getting, and how long does it last?"

Our most popular Essiac product is the six month supply. Because this product tends to be used for six months or longer, it's necessary to think long term when buying it. If you spend $30 on a one-week supply, it feels like a bargain...until you already have to buy more the very next week. If you spend $179.97 once (plus shipping) to buy our six month supply, you don't have to buy any more for six months and the savings is huge compared to when you buy just a couple of weeks' worth of herbs at a time. Purchase the 6 month supply here.

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Reason #3 How many times do you want to have pay for shipping (or, is shipping “built in” to the price you pay)?

If you pay something like $8 for shipping every two weeks within your country, that is still going to be more than it would be paying us only one time for a six month supply. $8 times 13 weeks is $104, and our average charge of $50 for shipping for an international order that lasts six months is half of that! Even if you are getting free shipping…think about it really free? Most companies build the cost into the product, so be sure to add up actual costs per period of time before you jump to conclusions about which company offers the best deal.

When breaking it down to cost per day, most of the Essiac products we are seeing on the market cost $4-8, and many of those products have no proof of a connection to the original formula. Ours costs only $0.91 per day to use if you're from the U.S., and as much as $1.13 to use internationally when you purchase a six month supply.


Reason #4 I know…but it still feels like a waste to pay a lot for shipping!

Of course, we get it! No one wants to pay a lot for shipping. Part of why it feels like so much to pay for the shipping is because our Essiac costs so little compared to other companies! Our six month supply is $179.97. The average competitor’s six month supply would be $819.85. Our average six month shipping charge is about $50. Paying $50 for shipping seems like a lot for a product that costs $179.97…but if the product was $819.85 it wouldn’t seem so outrageous. We save you more than $600 extra off the cost of the product, which is what is most important!


Reason #5 If you can afford it, purchase a year supply and save!

This larger purchase will save you even more as it's more efficient to ship larger packages. For instance, in some countries the cost of shipping a six month supply is the exact same as the cost to ship a year’s supply. And no worries - the herbs will keep for up to 2 years from date of purchase.


Keep in mind too that we back all purchases with our Results Guarantee. You'll risk nothing when purchasing our Essiac. We will even refund your shipping cost if you report no results after six months.


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