Helpful Hints From Those with Experience Using Genuine Essiac

New to Essiac Tea? No Worries. We've Got You! Check Out These Essiac Helpful Hints.

We want to make it as easy for you as possible to get started with Essiac Tea, so please check out these Essiac helpful hints that come straight from experienced Essiac users! There is no need for you to reinvent the wheel. Learn from those who have been taking Genuine Essiac for years!



Essiac Helpful Hints: How to Take Essiac for Best Results

  • You must brew the Essiac tea as directed for best results. Adding the powder to smoothies, putting Essiac into capsules, or buying premade Essiac liquid with the herbs strained out all will compromise the integrity of the formula.
  • Once folks feel better after being on the Improvement of Health Serving Size, many of them choose to move to Maintenance mode in order to ensure they keep feeling their best. See instructions on how to take Essiac here.
  • Essiac must be taken on an empty stomach for best results. This means no food 2 hours before you take your essiac and 1 hour after you take your essiac. If you are away from home, take the essiac with you in a thermos.
  • Avoid heating Essiac again once it's been made. This risks overprocessing as you will end up "cooking" it twice.
  • You may take supplements as well as prescription or over the counter medications along with the Essiac. There is no need to space them apart.


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Essiac Helpful Hints for Side Effects and Compatabililty with Other Modalities

  • Essiac is compatable with chemo as well as radiation. In fact, it's been known to improve the side effects of those treatments. If you are receiving chemo or radiation, it's recommended to take 6 oz. of essiac at a time rather than the usual 3 oz. This is because the treatments can weaken the effects of essiac tea.
  • Take Essiac for at least six months without interruption for best results. You may switch to 3 oz. twice per day to maintain the results after you are pleased with them.
  • If you develop loose stool especially at the beginning of taking essiac, know that it's normal and it's part of how the product is designed to work to clean out your system. It's generally comfortable and you will be able to continue all your usual activities.
  • If you have stage 4 cancer or otherwise have been given a terminal diagnosis, the suggested serving size is 6 oz. three times per day.


Essiac Helpful Hints Regarding the Taste of Essiac If You Wish

  • Bitter is better - if the herbs aren't a little bit bitter, it's not real Essiac
  • If you are not fond of the taste, you can mix your Essiac serving with unsweetened fruit or vegetable juice. Use as much as you want! Many people find this to be a temporary need and they eventually get used to the taste on it's own, but in the beginning it can be a life saver! You can drink black coffee or tea during the "empty stomach" time as well.
  • You can also add stevia and/or lemon juice if you prefer. Purchase organic stevia here. Some folks add a sprig of mint to the pitcher. Experiment and see what you like best!


Check out this Essiac Helpful Hint from Raabe in Australia:

"I found that drinking the Essiac is much easier when it's at room temperature and not straight out of the fridge when it is cold. So I pour the serving into the cup, cover it with aluminum foil and put it where it is out of the sunlight and away from the heat. By the time my next dose is due, it's come to room temp. So every time I take my serving, I fill the cup and set it aside.

I also have a small orange juice chaser. So I first sip some of the OJ, then I drink as much as I can of the Essiac, and then take another sip of the OJ, and finish the Essiac, and then clean my pallet with the remainder of the OJ, which leaves me with a nice taste.

This works very well for me and I have no trouble at all drinking the 6 oz. serving which I am on."



Essiac Helpful Hints Regarding Brands: Beware of Companies That Use Additives and Preservatives in Their Essiac

  • There are no additives used in Genuine Essiac to make it taste "better." Many other brands use additives which might change the taste, but could also reduce the effectiveness.
  • Our Genuine Essiac has a "grassy" taste that some find to be slightly bitter.
  • It's also good to know that the batches tend to vary in taste since we don't use additives or preservatives.
  • Just like with organic produce, each batch and each season can carry a little bit of a different look and feel. That is what natural food is like!
  • You may find a variation in taste, color, texture and thickness of your brewed essiac from batch to batch. This is normal. Each harvest of herbs varies due to varying soil and climate conditions. All herbs are tested for purity and quality, and we make Essiac ourselves from each and every batch we mail out.
  • All of our herbs are pesticide free, insecticide free, herbicide free, and non-irradiated.

Check out this Essiac helpful hint from Tracy:

"Hi. I'm about to start my 2nd 1lb. bag of Essiac that I recently ordered. I love reading the testimonials. It keeps me positive about my own cancer. I really just wanted to suggest that anyone who isn't fond of the tea keep a good supply of straws on hand.

I shake up my jar real good & measure out my 3 oz. in a marked measuring cup, stick my straw in & drink it down quickly. I don't have to worry about the taste or the "herb mud." I don't mind the taste anyway. But it's so much easier to drink this way. God bless all & thank you."


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Other Essiac Helpful Hints From Genuine Essiac Users (join our popular Facebook Group by clicking here).


  • There are methods available if you need to deal with the aftertaste. Some folks settle upon rinsing their mouth out with juice right after taking Essiac to eliminate any aftertaste. You can even try holding your nose while you drink it down. Again - this is usually only a temporary measure until you grow accustomed to the taste.
  • A few drops of Stevia go a long way. We have Organic Stevia available right on our site.
  • If you dislike taking things cold straight out of the fridge, we have a solution. You can take it out of the fridge 15 minutes before you'll be ready to drink. Pour your serving into a cup and leave it out for the 15 minutes. This might make it easier to drink. Avoid heating the Essiac up after it's been brewed, as that risks overprocessing it.
  • Your best best is to store the tea in a large gallon-size pitcher like the kind you would use for iced tea. You can keep the pitcher open-topped. That way it will be easy to stir the container before pouring each serving to disperse the herbs evenly among each serving you'll take.


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  • There are strategies available to be sure you get to take your tea three times per day on the empty stomach. We recommend: drinking a serving immediately upon waking up in the morning (and waiting at least 1 hr. to have breakfast), drinking a serving at least 2 hrs. after lunch, and drinking a serving at least 2 hrs. after dinner. If you are away from home during the day, take the Essiac along with you in a thermos with a couple of ice cubes. You can also take a serving in the middle of the night if you happen to wake up and that is more convenient for you
  • How long you choose to take the tea is up to you. However, we notice that most of our customers who are satisfied took it daily for at least six months.
  • You can take supplements and medications at the exact same time as the Essiac. Also, you can take as much water as you like anytime.


Giving the Tea to Pets: It's Totally Do-Able with these Essiac Helpful Hints

essiac tea helpful hints for pets

We even have Essiac Helpful Hints for giving the tea to finicky pets.

  • For cats, you can try a syringe, or you can add a tiny bit of cat wet food combined with a few drops of "tuna water." Many cats will lap it right up with those two things added in! Save the tuna water from your tuna cans that you've eaten from and keep it in the fridge. Watch a Video on Giving Essiac to a Cat with a Syringe.
  • For dogs you can mix it with low sodium broth (be sure there are no onions or garlic) or powder beef gravy. Most animals prefer the tea to be closer to room temperature rather than straight out of the fridge. Watch a Video on Giving Essiac to a Dog in Broth.
  • For more information on giving Essiac to pets including how much to give depending on weight, visit this page.


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