Find Out Why Essiac is NOT cheaper on Amazon!

You'll End Up Overpaying and/or Getting Fake Essiac When Ordering on Amazon

So many people use Amazon as their go-to for purchasing just about anything. However, beware of taking this route, because the cheapest real Essiac tea is not found on Amazon.

Check out this chart where Genuine Essiac is compared side-by-side to the most popular alternative on the market, Flor Essence, sold on Amazon. Flor Essence, by the way, is real Essiac tea. It just costs a lot more for the very same thing as our Genuine Essiac. It has the same powdered herbs and the same eight ingredients.


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Discover why the Cheapest Essiac tea (that is authentic) is not found on Amazon

  • Aside from Flor Essence, which is a real Essiac brand, there are a ton of bogus formulas on Amazon
  • Most of the Essiac products found on Amazon only contain four herbs, which is not the research-proven best form of Essiac tea available today
  • Many of the Amazon brands sell you a one- or two-week supply at a time. The price looks pretty great until you realize you have to buy it over...and over...and over. Genuine Essiac's very smallest supply is a 6 month supply, and that costs right around $1 per day to use. That's it! It's probably cheaper than your cup of coffee.

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Eight Herb Essiac is the Only One That's Research Backed 

  • Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch worked together studying Essiac at the Brusch Medical Research Center from 1959 to 1967 and were able to determine that eight herb Essiac is best.
  • This is why you shouldn't ever buy four herb teas on Amazon.
  • Check out the research on eight herb Essiac here as well as in the book The Essiac Report by Richard Thomas.

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Here is an example of one product sold on Amazon that contains the same eight herbs as ours:

  • Flora 2 1/8 oz. (about 1/8th of 1 lb).
  • Makes less than 1 gallon of tea (3/4 of a gallon)
  • Flor Essence Detox Dry Tea Blend - Gentle Daily Herbal Cleanse - $33.64 on Amazon 
  • This product costs $244.65 per pound of herbs.


Here is our product, which contains the same eight herbs but it makes a whole lot more tea:

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If you prefer the convenience of 4 oz. packets that are premeasured and ready for use, you can order your 1 lb. of Organic Essiac - Including the Sheep Sorrel Roots - in FOUR (4) 4 oz. packets - $74.97
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Want even greater savings? If you purchase our larger value size, the six month supply, the cost per pound drops even more, and then you'll really have the cheapest Essiac available.

MOST POPULAR! 3 lb. 4 oz. of Organic Essiac - includes Sheep Sorrel Roots blended herbs in THIRTEEN (13) 4 oz. packets -$179.97 This product costs $55.37 per pound of herbs - only 22% of what it costs to order on Amazon! What you're getting with this product is 3 pounds and 4 oz. of herbs and costs $179.97 (which is only $55.37 per pound). This order costs less than $1 per day to use.

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Still Want Even Cheaper Essiac? We've got you.

If you want even cheaper Essiac than that, shop our Value Collection for our 4 1-lb. bags, our 10 1-lb. bags and our 26 4 oz. bag order sizes.


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What's the same when ordering from Genuine Essiac versus ordering from Amazon?

  • Just like you'd get with Amazon Prime, all domestic orders on our site ship free. We always use 2-3 day mail.
  • You can use Amazon Pay right on our site to save time entering your billing information.
  • Just like you'll find on Amazon, we offer an autoship/subscription option on all of our for an additional 10% savings and even more convenience.
  • Amazon only give you a 5% savings for subscriptions and we give 10%. 😊 And this extra savings really seals the deal the we have the cheapest Essiac around.

Don't hesitate to order your own supply of Genuine Essiac. You've found what you're looking for!

Be careful when comparing price with companies who sell only a couple of weeks' worth at a time — we sell enough to last months at a time which saves you a ton of money.

It costs less than $1 per day to use our Essiac — the best price you'll find anywhere! We also back all orders with our Results Guarantee. We can do that because we know we have real Essiac.


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