Collection: Mini Essiac Packets - for casual use or pets/kids 85 lb. and under

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The Mini Packets are best if you are using the smaller of the suggested serving size of essiac or you giving this to a child or a pet less than 85 lb.

If you are an adult consuming essiac three times per day (90% or more of individuals will be doing this) these packets are not the best value or the most convenient - you are better off using the 4 oz. packets listed in the Best Value collection.

This is because your best bet is to make 1 gallon of essiac at a time, and the mini packets only make one quart at a time - meaning you'll have to make the tea four times as often. The one gallon stays fresh in the fridge for longer than it will take to finish it. Furthermore, if you are new to essiac we recommend that you take essiac tea three times per day for your first six months. So, if this applies to you, save yourself some time and money with the Best Value Collection.

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