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Essiac tea is the perfect choice if you...

-Have a need to detox your liver or colon

-Need immune system support

-Prefer natural solutions for your health without side effects

-Want to get to the root cause instead of masking sympoms


Essiac tea isn't for you if you...

-Aren't willing to stick to taking Essiac for at least six months to see the maximum benefits it can provide


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The Mini Packets are good if you are taking Essiac preventively or for maintenance once you have already achieved great results. You can also use these packets if you are giving this to a child or a pet weighing less than 85 lb.

You also may order 1 lb. bags if you are using Essiac for prevention, for kids or small pets and you don't mind weighing the herbs. This can help save you money. See our 1 lb. bag below. You can order 4 lb. as well if you want more at a time: See our 4 lb. order.

If you are an adult looking to improve your health the amount you'll need to take means that these mini packets on this page are not the best value or the most convenient - you are far better off using the 4 oz. packets listed in the Best Value collection.

This is because your best bet is to make 1 gallon of Essiac at a time, and the mini packets only make one quart at a time - meaning you'll have to make the tea four times as often if you order these mini packets when you are taking Essiac in order to improve your health. The mini packets also cost more per oz, so only purchase them if you can't use up 1 gallon in the 2-3 weeks.

If you are new to essiac we recommend that you take Essiac tea three times per day for your first six months even if you aren't needing to improve your health right now. So, if this applies to you, save yourself some time and money by opting for the Best Value Collection by clicking here.

Watch this testimonial from Paul Coles, who had Stage 4 Prostate Cancer, "I'd highly recommend it if you like livin"

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