Essiac Tea Brewing Instructions

Note: We highly suggest that you brew essiac tea yourself rather than purchase essiac already made. Not only will you save lots of money, but you will probably be getting a more effective product. Nothing beats a fresh batch of home-brewed tea.

It's not difficult or time-consuming to brew essiac tea when you use powdered herbs, the method that Rene Caisse last used. We include instructions for your convenience with each order.


Some folks decide that they would like to buy the herbs separately and blend them themselves. We don't recommend this, because even if you knew the correct ratio of the eight herb formula (this formula is not in the public domain) and also had access to the proper equipment and facilities to mix them thoroughly and in a sanitary fashion, you would spend more money and time and have a larger margin of error than if you bought the pre-blended formula from us.

This is because we sell such large quantities of herbs that we are able to get them supplied to us less expensively. This is good news for you, because it means you can have convenience AND a low price with no extra work on your part! We have put everything together for you so that all you have to worry about is remembering to brew your essiac tea at home when you notice that you're running low. And since consistency is the most important part of taking essiac, that will be a big help to you! 



how to brew essiac


Keep in mind, the goal is to make enough tea to last 2 weeks. The tea does not work better is it's "made fresh." On the contrary, best results occur when you follow the instructions to make the larger size batch as it reduces margin of error.


Please note: Steps 1 and 2 will vary depending on if you plan to drink the tea twice per day or three times per day. Steps 3 thru 5 are the same regardless. 

How to Brew a Gallon of Essiac Tea.

2-Week Supply when drinking three times per day

1. Bring 132 oz. (1 gallon plus 4 oz. to account for evaporation) of pure water to a boil and reduce to a simmer. 

essiac brewing process

essiac boiling


2. Add 4 oz. of the essiac herbs blend. Please actually weigh your herbs on a kitchen scale to ensure you have the correct amount (A very rough approximation of 4 oz. herbs--which weighs 113 grams--is 1 1/4 cups of herbs when using dry measurement cups instead of a kitchen scale. If you don't already have one, please purchase a small inexpensive home kitchen scale as soon as possible as it much more precise). Our individual 4 oz. packets mean you won't need to measure, but you will need to measure if you purchase bulk 1 lb. bags. 


How to Brew 2/3rds of a Gallon of Essiac Tea.

2-week Supply when drinking twice per day.

1. Boil 88 oz. of pure water in a large pot. 

2. Add 2.67 oz. of the essiac herbs blend. Please weigh your herbs on a kitchen scale to ensure you have the correct amount. A rough approximation if you have to use dry measurement cups is a rounded 1/2 cup. 


How to Brew a Quart (Generally only for small children or small animals)

1. Boil 34 oz. of pure water in a large pot.

2. Add 1 oz. (28 grams) of the essiac herbs blend. It's best to weigh the herbs, but a heaping 1/4 dry measurement cup is an estimate.


Here are the rest of the instructions (for any of the different sized batches): 

3. Turn the heat down to medium and let the tea simmer for ten minutes, stirring occasionally. Keep a cover on the pan with just a bit of air exposed to reduce evaporation. 

brewing essiac tea instructions

4. Turn the heat off, cover the pan completely, and leave the mixture sitting at room temperature for twelve hours. 

essiac tea steeping
5. After the 12 hours have passed, stir the tea vigorously to disperse the remnants of the herbs throughout the mixture* and pour it into a container of your choice. Open top containers work well for convenience when you need to stir the tea before pouring each dose. Refrigerate the tea. You can use any type of jar or pitcher that you'd normally use for iced tea.

essiac tea quart


essiac tea storing gallon


*We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you leave the herb particles in the tea. Because these are powdered herbs, you don't have to strain anything - the herbs are fine and meant to be taken into the body as you drink the tea. The herbs increase the efficacy level of this tea. 

Do not try to brew essiac tea that will last more than two weeks ahead. Your essiac will stay good for about 14 days, but after that you should make a fresh batch of tea. Shake or stir the container well before pouring your dosages to disperse the herb particles throughout the tea. 

If you find it difficult to drink essiac straight, you may mix your essiac tea with all-natural fruit or vegetable juice. It's best to consume it as-is (cold). Heating it up risks overprocessing it.

Drink essiac on an empty stomach. This means to avoid eating two hours before and one hour after drinking essiac. However, if you must eat and take essiac at the same time, that is much better than skipping your essiac entirely. You can take black coffee, tea or any other beverage free of added sugar and protein, as well as any supplements or medications, during the "empty stomach" time.

The "Sludge" at the bottom of the essiac tea container: Do not toss it!

The herbs are an important part of this tea and should be consumed. Therefore, please do not strain and throw out the particles at the bottom (some describe it as "mud" or "sludge"). It's important to get some of these particles into your body during each and every dose. The most effective way to do this for most people is to use a large wooden spoon to stir the pitcher before pouring each dose. It's OK to leave the pitcher open while it's left in the fridge. Stirring tends to work better than shaking especially when the pitcher is full.

Suggested Use: 

essiac serving size


Drink 3 oz. two to three times per day. More detailed instructions are sent along with your order.