What You Need to Know about Isoflavones in Red Clover and Estrogen

The Facts About Essiac Tea and Estrogen Receptor-Positive Cancers



It's important that you read this article about Essiac and red clover before you make a decision on whether or not to try Essiac Tea. The amount of misinformation out there from those who are so-called "experts" is astounding, and it's important that you use knowledge and science to protect yourself. We will present information here from a variety of trusted sources so that you can make an informed decision.

The video above explains why eight herb Essiac Tea is a good product for anyone who is dealing with estrogen receptor-positive as well as estrogen receptor-negative cancers.


Did you know that Essiac tea was discovered due to its positive effects on Breast Cancer? The very first patient Rene Caisse worked with was a breast cancer patient. She was Patient 1 when it comes to Essiac. You can watch a video of Rene Caisse's story here.


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Red clover is one of the herbs in Essiac Tea. It also just so happens to be a rich source of isoflavones. Many people wonder why isoflavones are important.

According to Gregory Burke, MD, Isoflavones are compounds that mimic the beneficial effects of estrogen - with less risks. This is because estrogen-replacement therapy raises the risk of breast and ovarian cancer, but isoflavones found in the diet such as those found in soy do not (Dr. Burke is the professor and director of public health sciences at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina).


Here is an article from the Mayo Clinic mentioning how isoflavones in food such as soy are not sufficient to cause breast cancer, and in fact a lifelong diet including such foods actually reduces breast cancer. Read the article from the Mayo Clinic (Red clover is an herb, which is considered a food, and contains the isoflavone Genistein). You can also read about how soy isoflavones help with cancer in this study.

This topic is personal for me - I took Genuine Essiac myself when doctors found a lump in my breast. Because my aunt had Breast Cancer in her 30s, I was scared. I was fortunate that the lump was found to be benign, but I had total faith that Essiac tea was all I would have needed and I jumped on the Improvement of Health regimen when I got the news that there might be something wrong.


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You can read the entire study discussing soy isoflavone benefits here.


The concentration of Genistein, which is the phytochemical in Red Clover inhibits the estrogen receptors in tumors, making the endogenous estrogen unable to compete with said receptors and make them grow. In this way Red Clover is protective. It's true that in certain quantities and concentrations red clover can be harmful, but that is not the case with Genuine Essiac.

Think about it — why would we offer a Money Back Guarantee that your health will improve when using this product if there were anything in it at all that could be harmful? The answer is that we would never do that to our customers and to our business. Let's dive into this a bit more below.


What would happen if we took the red clover out of our Essiac formula?

The first problem with taking red clover out is that herbs in Essiac Tea function in a synergistic manner. In other words, when the herbs in Essiac are taken together in the specific ratio, they have a different effect in the body than they would have if they were taken one herb at a time. The synergistic benefit is lost when even one herb is missing.

7 herb Essiac just wouldn't be the same! And of course 4 herb Essiac wouldn't be, either. 8 herb Essiac has the same 4 herbs as the original 4 herb Essiac, but also has 4 additional herbs that are designed to enhance the effectiveness.

None of the 4 herb Essiac blends offer the Money Back Guarantee that we do. The serving size of 4 herb Essiac is 2 oz, and the serving size of 8 herb Essiac is 3 oz. The extra oz. is for the additional 4 herbs, so you're not missing out on anything about the original 4 herb tea with the 8 herb one. You're getting the exact same amount of the original 4 herbs in that blend.


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The second problem with taking the red clover out is that red clover is one of the most powerful ingredients in this formula when it comes to the results. As mentioned in the video at the top of this page, you don't want to miss out on the beneficial isoflavones present in red clover. The product works so well that we are able to offer our 6 Month Money Back Results Guarantee. Read more about Our Guarantee here.

We hope this information helps! Our goal is to provide you with a safe, effective Essiac Tea blend that comes directly from Rene Caisse's recommendations. We have proof of that right here on our site.


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