Essiac Tea Supplies

Essiac tea isn't complicated to make - but there are still a few essiac tea supplies that are essential to have on hand. The good news is, many people already own these items! You can use any similar items to what is shown below that you happen to have on hand. However, check our our suggestions if you find that you have a little shopping to do!

essiac supplies

Large Pot That Doesn't Contain Aluminum

Here is a stainless steel pot we recommend for brewing essiac tea. This type of pot will allow for a good brew of essiac - free of chemicals or other unwanted substances. Any pot that isn't made with aluminum is fine to use.

making essiac tea





This is an example of a pitcher that could be used due to the materials it's made from as well as the option to open the top of the pitcher easily for stirring. You can use any pitcher you'd normally use for iced tea or lemonade.

 essiac tea pitcher



 If you prefer to use glass pitchers, keep in mind that most of them are 64 oz. That means you'll need two to hold a gallon of essiac.

essiac quart jar



Wooden Spoon

We suggest stirring your essiac with a large wooden spoon before pouring each dose so that some of the powdered herbs make it into each and every dose that you pour. You also might need the spoon to drape over the top of the pot to prevent boiling over when you brew your essiac. Here is one that we love:



And that's it!

We hope that this article helped you to feel more confident in making your own essiac tea right at home. By making your own essiac, you are ensuring you have the freshest tea possible with no added chemicals, additives or preservatives - and you also save lots of money!

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essiac tea supplies

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