Join Our Genuine Essiac Affiliate Program

New! We recently launched our Genuine Essiac Affiliate Program.

In our Genuine Essiac Affiliate Program, you can earn 10% for every sale you create. Your customer can also receive a coupon to save 10% on our products, which creates an incentive for them to use your personal coupon code which will connect them to your referral. You may also use your personal affiliate link to generate sales.

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Terms: Your personal coupon codes may not be posted in Genuine Essiac Users Group on Facebook, on our Tiktok Page @essiac_tea, on our Facebook page Genuine Essiac, or on our Instagram page @genuineessiac


Benefits of Choosing Genuine Essiac as an Affiliate

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If you choose the Genuine Essiac Affiliate program, you will know that you are recommending the very best form of Essiac tea available to your followers or customers. Genuine Essiac has the same formula that Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch determined worked best in their research on Essiac tea that happened from the years of 1959 through 1967. You can read more about that research here.

At Genuine Essiac, we stand behind our product with an Industry-Exclusive Money Back Guarantee. We guarantee your customer's health will improve by the six month mark of use or we refund their cost. And if we have to do that, no worries - you get to keep your commission! Learn more about Our Unique Guarantee here.

At Genuine Essiac, we offer old-fashioned customer support. That means if your customer has a question or concern, they can call or email and get a real person. We offer support 7 days per week including holidays. This means your customer can ask us and won't have to bother you with questions. We want to keep it easy for you to focus on what you do best - promoting and sharing the brand.

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