Learn Why Genuine Essiac is Always Made with Powdered Herbs

Rene Caisse used powdered essiac herbs for good reason - because they are the most potent and most absorbable!

Rene Caisse is the Canadian nurse credited with bringing Essiac into widespread use, but the Ojibway Indians are the ones knew about Essiac first. They used a grinding stone to powder the herbs that they used for Essiac Tea. The Ojibway never threw anything away in their culture. In keeping with that theme, they always drank the powdered herbs they had made themselves right along with the tea. An Ojibway medicine man revealed the formula to Rene Caisse, and the rest is history.

If it ain't broke don't fix it! You can see by the video clip that we make our Essiac exactly as Rene Caisse did many years ago - our Essiac is in the powdered form. You see, it’s critical that the herbs themselves get into your body in addition to the brewed tea. The potential benefit of Essiac is maximized when you get the herbs in addition to the liquid tea into your body. In addition, the fiber the herb particles contain will help deepen the detox your body will experience.


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Why don't all the Essiac companies ask you to consume the "sludge" or "mud" at the bottom, as some call it?

Our guess is because it's not pretty to look at, and not as smooth to drink. They wouldn't want to turn customers off to using their Essiac tea. However, at Genuine Essiac we refuse to compromise what we recommend, even if that means reduced sales for us. . That's why we stay firm to Rene Caisse’s recommendations to this day.

You can see more about Rene Caisse and how she used Essiac in the video below. The truth is, you can skim the tea off and throw out the herb particles if you really want to. But, if you stir your container before taking each serving, you will find that the particles blend well enough and are easily drinkable. It's best to maximize what the Essiac tea can give you and not throw any of the valuable contents away.


Your Best Bet is to Stick with the Method of Preparing Essiac That Rene Caisse Used

The suggestion to use powdered herbs comes directly from Rene Caisse's extensive research on Essiac at the Brusch Medical Research Center in Cambridge MA from 1959 to 1967. We were taught by Rene Caisse's research assistant how to do it exactly the same way that she did. You can see in the clip that Rene Caisse is entering the powder into water to prepare the brew - just like we recommend today.



These herbs Rene Caisse uses, just like ours, are all natural – they contain no additives, no preservatives and undergo no unnecessary processing. The old-fashioned way is the best! The herbs need to get into your body in their natural state without having been altered in any way. This is why we still make our Essiac powdered herbs exactly how Rene Caisse did.

Our Essiac is still made the natural way - and that's still the best way. “Modern” cleaned up version of Essiac simply aren’t the way to go. Changing how Essiac was originally used is not something you want to mess around with.


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Essiac is Tremendously Easy to Make and Take

The good news is that it only takes 10 minutes once every two weeks to prepare this tea yourself from powdered herbs. You don't need to boil the tea twice and you don't need to use amber bottles - all of those techniques were determined to be unnecessary in Rene Caisse's research.

This tea couldn't be easier to make - and it's never been more affordable than it is today! Because we ship worldwide in huge volumes, we are able to offer you rock-bottom prices without sacrificing quality.


Order Your Own Supply of Genuine Essiac Made with Powdered Herbs Today

Be careful when comparing price with companies who sell only a couple of weeks' worth at a time — we sell enough to last months at a time which saves you a ton of money.

It costs less than $1 per day to use our Essiac — the best price you'll find anywhere! We also back your purchase with our Results Guarantee.


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This tea is simple to make and takes just ten minutes to make a two-week supply.