We Are the Only Essiac Company on the Planet Confident Enough to Offer You the Protection of a 6 Months Results Essiac Tea Guarantee

We Are the Only Essiac Tea Company That Guarantees Your Results or We Give You All Your Money Back

It's your lucky day, because you have stumbled upon a product that carries a 100% Money Back 6 Month Essiac Tea Results Guarantee! Even if you don't "care" about the money... we are running a business, and we certainly do!

Our Industry Exclusive Essiac Tea Results Guarantee is our way of proving to you that we mean what we say when we tell you how good our Essiac really is. Our business would never have survived if we were not being honest about what Essiac tea could do for you...and we have been in business for nearly 20 years now.

When it comes to improvement of your health, an Essiac Tea Guarantee like this is really hard to come by!


We offer this Essiac tea Guarantee for a very personal reason.


Our family has been victimized in the past by false promises from scam companies when we ourselved had sick family members. Bryan's twin brother Brent, pictured with Bryan below, was diagnosed with ALS back in 2001. We spent what seemed like an endless amount of money on supplements and products that never ended up working. Whether the claims were exaggerated or they were a total scam, we all of our savings (and even went into debt) and had absolutely nothing to show for it. And worst of all, Brent never got well.

We realize how bad it feels to put money and hope toward something only to be disappointed in the end. Brent asked us to make sure that no family ever had to suffer in that way, and we honored his wishes. We vowed never to place another family into that same situation where they spent money on something that didn't work. That was how our Essiac Tea Guarantee was born!


essiac tea guarantee

Here is How our Essiac Tea Results Guarantee Works:

  • Take our Genuine Essiac tea as directed, at 3 oz. three times per day for at least six months without interruption. This is the length of time the research shows it takes for improvement, and it's on par with the time expectations of many other options that are out there.
  • If your health has not improved by the 6 month mark, you get all of your money back. It's that simple! You can simply contact us at that point and we will process your refund. Be sure you bought 6 months worth of Essiac, whether you bought it all at once, or in separate purchases to take part in this Guarantee.
  • We do not ask for proof of anything - it's your word on whether or not your health has improved.
  • Examples of how your health might improve include: feeling better, looking better, improved test results, remission of a condition, or positive progress on scans. It's all in how you choose to evaluate your progress.


genuine essiac guarantee


If you are one of the rare few for whom no health improvement has been made after 6 months of use, you're eligible for the refund. Simply contact us after the six months have passed to let us know, and we will refund what you paid to your original payment method. There will be no need to return anything because you will have used all the product up.



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