Essiac Wholesale

Organic Essiac Wholesale Program

Our essiac wholesale program is very popular worldwide. Now is a great time to be interested in essiac resale since more and more customers are looking to purchase essiac all the time! It's definitely trending up.

It's 100% possible to offer quality essiac to your customers in convenient packaging at below-market-price and still make a healthy profit - as long as you choose the right supplier.

***We use the entire sheep sorrel plant, including the roots, in our formula!***

Genuine Essiac would love to be your go-to supplier if you're considering essiac resale. We offer high-quality eight herb essiac at a phenomenal price with great volume discounts available.

essiac wholesale

When using us as your supplier, you have two options:

  • Option 1. You can purchase bulk essiac from us, re-package it, and sell it for a higher price that is still fair to the end user.
  • Option 2. You can purchase retail-ready packages complete with a label with instructions, but NOT our Business contact info (you can put yours on the other side if you like) of Essiac from us at a low cost and resell it at a fair price, all the while still leaving a profit for you.

Here are suggested resale prices for essiac along with our wholesale prices. Please keep in mind they are average US prices, and your specific area may run higher or lower.

  • 4 oz. sealed and labeled packet, $26. We charge: $7.00 (26 packet minimum).
  • 1 lb. sealed and labeled bag, $82. We charge: $23.95 (20 bag minimum)
  • 1 oz. sealed and labeled packet, $9. We charge: $2.50 (100 bag minimum).
  • We also offer Bulk Essiac with 27.2 lbs. as a minimum at $20.95/lb.

Wholesale shipping prices vary based upon zip code. Contact us for shipping quotes before ordering.

By ordering your essiac tea wholesale you can obtain the herbs for such a low price that you are free to charge whatever you see fit. After paying someone to package it (or packaging it yourself) you'll still come out with a solid profit. Alternately, you can choose to purchase the retail-ready essiac packets and bags wholesale from us all ready to go and STILL resell them for a good profit. It’s all up to you!

We are Flexible

essiac wholesale


If you are unable to meet these minimums but still wish to get started, please contact us and we'll see if an arrangement can be made. You can always call us at 978-504-9517 or contact us for price quotes.

After looking at these numbers listed above, it is easy to see why resellers can purchase essiac wholesale from us and make a healthy profit (even when dealing in small quantities if your business is just starting out). We started out really small, too! We understand and want to help.

Opportunity: Our retail-ready products have "generic labeling" without our website or contact information so that your customers will return to you (not us!) when they need more. You may choose to add your company name with your own label on the other side. Full instructions are included on our labels. 

Deciding on Pricing

Almost everyone who resells essiac will sell some orders regardless of how they run their essiac business, but there are 6 key factors to keep in mind in order to increase your potential for profit from essiac resale:

  1. Sizes of packaging you offer. The smaller the size you sell essiac, the higher price you can command per ounce.
  2. Type of packaging you offer. The more attractive and fancy your packaging is, the higher price you can command. Attractive, high-quality packaging with special features like re-sealable packets or colorful labels, especially for 4 oz. and up sizes, can command higher prices.
  3. The convenience you offer. Location, location, location! If you sell your essiac out of health food stores or practitioner's clinics, you can usually charge more than you can if you sell essiac on a website based on convenience and immediacy. However, selling on a website can work well too. On a website you benefit from a larger audience, especially if the website already has customers who buy other types of supplements. Customers also like to bundle purchases to increase their results as well as for more efficient ordering and shipping.
  4. If you don't have a health food store, clinic, or website, you can become the middleman by selling essiac to people who DO. People who already have a customer base will be eager to add another product to their line that their customers are hungry for. They just might not have had the time to research which essiac brand is best.
  5.  "What else" you have to offer. If you bundle essiac with another health product or a health service, you will add value to your offerings, and perhaps gain an essiac customer out of the arrangement. If you don't have a related product or service right now, propose the idea to someone who does, and become the middleman, supplying THEM with essiac. Make it part of a detox package or healthy re-set!
  6. Region. Typically regions near larger cities in affluent area will enable higher pricing.

We hope you see that the possibilities with essiac resale are endless! The keys to making this all work are:

  1. To have a great product (if no one will buy it, what's the use?), and
  2. To have a product that you can obtain at a low-enough cost such that you have room to mark it up sufficiently (this is what allows you to make a profit from your efforts).

With our essiac wholesale program, both of those boxes are checked!!

Would you like to place a custom essiac wholesale order right now?

We can send a PayPal or Credit Card invoice (your preference) for your essiac wholesale order right to your email. Simply contact us with your order request and we will get that invoice over to you ASAP.