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Gina and Bryan Paulhus Genuine Essiac Tea

Our Family Carries on the Mission Started By Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch

We use the same formula Rene Caisse used and researched at the Brusch Medical Research Center in Cambridge, MA. Learn how we got the genuine essiac formula by clicking here.

Our Essiac includes the sheep sorrel root, just as Rene Caisse used and recommended. Watch testimonials from our customers by clicking here.

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Genuine Essiac Tea

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What is Essiac? Plus HowTo Make and Use

This letter shows our family's connection to Dr. Charles Brusch. Dr. Brusch performed the most extensive research ever done on essiac tea at the Brusch Medical Research Center from 1959 through 1967.

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Our Essiac was Featured on Ty Bollinger's Documentary

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Formula with a proven lineage

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After 25 years as a medical technologist and 25 years as a naturopath I have seen a lot and touched most of it.

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