3 Ways to Change the Taste of Essiac Without Hurting the Effectiveness

essiac taste


Real essiac always tastes a little bit bitter. If it's not bitter, it's not real essiac!


Although just about everyone gets used to the taste of essiac after taking it for a few days, it can help to know how to change the taste if you need to!

Essiac can be described as having a slighlty bitter and grassy taste, somewhat like green tea.

In order to make the taste more palatable if it's not a flavor you love, here are some ideas. Add these things AFTER you're prepared the essiac tea batch.

Honey is allowed, but since this tea is supposed to be taken cold, the honey won't be likely to melt into the essiac tea.


The other tip that can help as you grow used to it is to take your essiac serving with your nose plugged. Then rinse your mouth out with a flavor of choice, such as orange juice. After you've rinsed, release your nose. You will be no worse for the wear.


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