Learn All About the Essiac Herbs We Use to Make Genuine Essiac


Essiac herb quality is of the utmost importance to us.

We choose the herbs we need for our Essiac formula based on which herb companies can offer us the highest quality organic herbs at the lowest price so that we can keep this tea affordable for everybody. All of our herbs undergo rigorous testing for quality control, safety and purity. We can provide Certificates of Analysis upon request. You can also see Essiac Herb Quality: Nutrition Facts and Tests of Contaminants.

Where We Source Our Essiac Herbs

Seven of the Essiac herbs (blessed thistle, burdock root, kelp, slippery elm bark, red clover, turkey rhubarb root, and watercress) currently come from Starwest Botanicals, Inc. in California. Starwest offers a gold standard of herb quality, testing and reputation. Their track record in the industry is unmatched.

The eighth herb (sheep sorrel including the root) comes from a private grower in Arkansas. This was the only way we could arrange to obtain the sheep sorrel including the root, since herb companies don't offer the entire plant.

We occasionally have to rotate our suppliers due to availability. All of our suppliers provide the highest level of Essiac herb quality with testing to prove it. We have COA of the herbs we use in our product available upon request, as well as a COA of the finished product available online.

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Find Out About Our Essiac Herbs Moisture Content and Freshness

The herbs have 12-15% moisture content for the blessed thistle, sheep sorrel including the root, and kelp. The herbs have less than 10% moisture content for the burdock root, red clover, slippery elm bark, watercress, and turkish rhubarb root.

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Our Genuine Essiac herbs arealways exceptionally fresh because we sell thousands of pounds of Essiac every month. We turn over our entire inventory of herbs every 2-3 weeks! We prepare and consume Essiac for our own family from every batch, meaning that we are just as invested as you are in keeping each and every batch of Essiac of the utmost quality.

Many customers have commented on how fresh our Essiac herbs look, smell, and taste. If you purchase Essiac from a store that sells more than one herbal formula, you're much more likely to receive stale herbs. We only carry Essiac here, and we sell a lot of it. Because of this, we never have stale herbs sitting around. This is key, because herb quality can deteriorate as the months and years go by. By always having fresh herbs, it also means we don't need to add preservatives to the formula, which is better for your health. It also means the product will last longer once it arrives in your hand.

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Learn Why Powdered Herbs Are the Best Money Can Buy

Powdered herbs are made by crushing or pulverizing whole herbs. The resulting powdered herbs look like what you see inside a tea bag. Our Essiac herbs are made with powdered herbs, just as Rene Caisse used. See a video clip of her preparing powdered Essiac herbs here.

Powdered Essiac herbs make a more potent brew of tea. This is because there is more surface area on powdered herbs, which better allows the extracts to seep into the tea more readily. Anything in powdered form mixes easier and more completely. Powdered herbs have a much higher absorbability rate than whole ones. Read more about why powdered herbs are superior when it comes to Essiac tea.

Powdered herbs are tiny enough that they can be consumed along with the tea - which is why you should never, ever buy Essiac that comes in tea bags. Consuming the herbs themselves along with the tea is most beneficial way to consume Essiac because you want to get the full plant into your body. In fact, we believe so strongly in the powdered form of Essiac that we only offer Essiac as a powdered herb blend. The powdered herbs are the variety that Rene Caisse used and recommended, and we do not stray from her recommendations. More on that below!

We Believe so Much in Eight Herb Essiac That We Refuse to Sell Four Herb Essiac

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Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch tested Essiac from the years of 1959 - 1967 at the Brusch Medical Research Center in Cambridge, MA. Between the four herb and eight herb Essiac formulas, the eight herb formula performed the best. At the conclusion of that research, Rene Caisse switched her recommendation of four herb Essiac to eight herb Essiac. It's all documented in the book The Essiac Report by Richard Thomas if you'd like to read about it for yourself. At Genuine Essiac, we hold the same standards for Essiac herb quality that Rene Caisse used when she worked with the formula.

We test each and every batch to ensure that our Essiac herb quality is superior. We only ship herbs that pass our rigorous standards to our customers. It is normal for these natural, organic herbs to vary a bit in taste and texture over the months and years. That is because we don't overprocess them or use additives and preservatives, just as Rene Caisse suggested.

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"Hi Gina, Letting you know that my Essiac Tea order arrived and I am now finishing my first week of my recently brewed batch. The quality is really wonderful, and so far seems to be far superior to any other Essiac products on the market."

Warren D.
Orland Park, IL

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