Have You Wondered...Is the Original 4 Herb Essiac Better than 8 Herb Essiac?

Eight Herb Essiac is the Most Up-to-Date Rene Caisse Approved Essiac Tea Formula Available 

The most effective Essiac formula was determined to be one made with a blend of eight powdered herbs.

It included eight herbs: the original four in the exact same ratios as before, but with four additional herbs that Rene Caisse found enhanced the effectiveness and potency of the original four. She discovered this during her research at the Brusch Medical Center, about 45 minutes from our location. Because of the addition of the four herbs, the newer formula had a higher serving size of 3 oz. each time instead of 2. That way, the original four herbs would still be given in the same amount - just with the four additional herbs added on top. So you're losing out on nothing by using eight herb Genuine Essiac!



This research is all documented in the book The Essiac Report by Richard Thomas, available on Amazon and you can also read it online.


essiac tea 4 herb better
essiac tea 4 herb better


Hear directly from Dr. Charles Brusch on the effectiveness of Essiac and the safety of Essiac. Dr. Brusch passed the most up-to-date Rene Caisse formula on to our family. You can see that document here.

Our company is the only one that stands behind it's Essiac with a Money Back Results Guarantee. If it doesn't help you when used as directed, you don't pay!



Now you know the difference between 4 herb and 8 herb Essiac!


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All orders come complete with the easy-to-follow instructions and suggested use. This tea is simple to make and takes just ten minutes to make a two-week supply.