Your Complete Guide to Giving Essiac Tea to Pets

Our Essiac Tea Was Featured in the Book Outsmart Your Pet's Cancer.

You can find this book on Amazon where you can learn a lot about Essiac and pets.

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The very same Essiac is used for Pets as Well as People: Learn More About Essiac and Pets

Using Essiac with pets has become increasingly popular in recent years. Many people wonder if Essiac is something they can give to their pets. The answer is: Yes! We give our own animals Essiac tea when they need it. Read about my cat Maggie and how she got well from Stage 4 Lymphoma here. And with Genuine Essiac tea, you're sure to be getting a brand that uses the Rene Caisse formula.

Many animals including countless cats and dogs have taken our Essiac over the years. The Essiac suggested serving size for pets are our personal recommendations based on over 30 years of experience in the Essiac Tea business and what information was passed down to us. If you can't get all the servings in, just do your best. Some is always better than none when it comes to Essiac and pets.

Click here to watch an Essiac Tea Testimonial about Wendy's cat who had a mass on it's ear and used Essiac tea to heal


When Our Pets are Sick, It's All We Can Think About.

Pets are near and dear to the heart of any family. When they aren't well, it affects everyone! We worry about our pets when they aren't feeling well and life is much better (and much less expensive!) when they are happy and healthy! And finding something that helps with no side effects is the name of the game. That's why many pet owners reach for Essiac first when their animal needs help. You may also combine veterinary care along with Essiac Tea if you prefer.

essiac cat testimonial

Read more about our cat Maggie and how she healed from Stage 4 Lymphoma by clicking here.


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essiac for pets
essiac and dogs

Here are the suggested serving sizes for Essiac and pets when you wish to improve their health.

If your pet weighs up to 15 lbs.
START WITH 1/4 oz. of tea twice per day. 1/4 oz. is 7 mL if you are using a dropper. If tolerated well, work up to 1/2 oz. of tea twice per day.

If your pet weighs 15-35 lbs.
START WITH 1/2 ounce twice per day. If tolerated well, Work up to 1 ounce twice per day. 1/2 oz. is 14 mL if you are using a dropper.

If your pet weighs 35-55 lbs.
START WITH 1 ounce twice per day. If tolerated well, work up to 2 ounces twice per day.

If your pet weighs 55-85 lbs.
START WITH 2 ounces twice per day. Work up to 3 ounces twice per day.

If your pet weighs 85 lbs. or more
START WITH 3 ounces twice per day. Work up to 3 ounces three times per day.

Giving Essiac Tea to a Dog: Our Best Tips



Giving Essiac Tea to a Cat: How-to

You can learn how to give Essiac to a cat using a syringe in this video. You can also add the Essiac to a broth that your cat may lap up. Be sure to use enough broth to make it taste good to the cat. Mixing up the flavors can help prevent your animal from figuring out what you're doing :) You may strain the sediment rather than giving it to you cat. You can just give the brewed liquid.

Why do I need to build up to the number of servings?

Dogs, cats and most other pets have shorter digestive systems than humans, and therefore will be more susceptible to diarrhea. Due to this reason, the intake of Essiac must be balanced against the downside of your pet suffering with diarrhea if the dose is too high. If you start out with a conservative dose as noted in the chairt and build up the dose over time you will have a better chance of the pet adapting to a higher dose. Through experimentation, you'll need to find the level of Essiac intake that works best for your pet. 


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Important Note on Giving Essiac to Pets

It's best when this tea is taken on an empty stomach. If you can give the Essiac to your pet away from meal times, that is ideal.

  • If you need to mix the Essiac with the run-off from tuna or with broth in order to get it into the animal, that is the next best choice. Tuna works well for cats and low sodium broth (be sure it's free of onions and garlic) works well for dogs.
  • If you need to mix it with food in order to get your animal to take it, that is far better than not giving it at all.
  • Some people use an eye dropper, syringe or a turkey baster to administer the Essiac on an empty stomach, especially with cats. You may need to swaddle the cat and be sure to provide it slowly enough for him or her to have time to swallow it.

Capsules and tinctures are not as potent as the brewed tea and we do not recommend using them. However, if it's a capsule or tincture or nothing, then sure, go ahead with the capsule or tincture. Here is a video where you can watch a dog lapping up her Essiac tea. When it comes to Essiac and pets, the tea is always the best best when you can do it. It's also far more cost effective.

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Read More Reviews About Essiac and Pets

February 16, 2024

"My Basenji, Toula, was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer tumor that was removed and that usually doesn’t respond to treatment and she was given 3 months survival. That was the beginning of December, and we are at a solid 2 1/2 months and she hasn’t had any further tumor development, and she does not feel sick. She actually drinks her tea twice a day with a tiny bit of cat food mixed into it. I am hoping for more quality time with her."

Valerie Hebert 


September 8, 2023

"My 3 year old Newfoundland/standard poodle cross was diagnosed with an aggressive oral tumor in February 2023. After multiple vet visits it was determined there was no treatment options and he was given a couple months before the tumor would impede his eating and he would need to be euthanized. I was given no hope and started searching all over the internet for some holistic options. I found essiac tea and decided I would give it a try. Before I started the Essiac tea Colt had a foul smell coming from his mouth and the tumor had grown alarming fast. It has been 7 months now and he is still going strong. His breath doesn’t smell bad anymore and he is active and the tumors growth has slowed. I have to mix his Essiac tea with bone broth for him to drink it but I know it has made a difference in his life. I am so happy I found this website and decided to give it a try."

Miranda N


September 8, 2023

"We started giving Essiac Tea to my dog when she was diagnosed with Subcutaneous Hemangiosarcoma in May 2023, she had surgery to remove 2 masses before we knew what type of cancer it was. We were told that this type of cancer doesn't go into remission so our only hope was chemo to buy her a few more months but then my wife found Essiac Tea & the book "Outsmart your pet's cancer". My dog hates the vet so we opted to try the Essiac instead of putting her through chemo and 3 1/2 months later she is still feeling great, swimming, playing ball, chasing rabbits and barking at everything like she's always done! We removed the masses so we can see anything shrinking but it's obvious that she's feeling great and her poops are better than they have ever looked!"

Ted Beckmann


September 8, 2023

"In may 2023 my corgi (age 7) was diagnosed with subcutaneous hemangiosarcoma & was given maybe 3 weeks left to survive...
Tomorrow will be our 10th week of "Tea Time" (this is what we call our Essiac Tea when we do it 3 x's/day we turn it into a fun lil tea party) and not only is she still here, she's "living life loud"! If we had done chemo she wouldn't be able to do some of the things she loves the most (due to it compromising her immune system) so Tea Time was our best hope to combat this type of cancer... Knock on wood she's doing fantastic & still corgi'ing on CorgiStrong!"



December 18, 2022

"I wanted to tell you about my cat Gampa. He's 13 years old. He's been on Essiac for three months now. He almost died a couple of times. The Genuine Essiac Tea has brought him back. He's got a mass in his ear, and it's cyclic. It'll get big, then it'll go down and he almost died twice now. The herbs are working. You can see that it's working on him. It's amazing. It's a miracle.

I also wanted to say that the the Essiac eight herb is so much better than the four herb because I did have one cat die from not it didn't react well with the four herb from Canada. Their prices are way too high. Their shipping is ridiculous. And this Genuine Essiac, it's working. I've got cats, that one cat that's in her late twenties, so I know about cats. I think you're gonna find that this Genuine Essiac is the way to go. You won't find it any cheaper. It's very reasonably priced. It's a great, great product for pets."



November 1, 2022

"I gave the Essiac to my horse as she had stepped on a nail and was dealing with infection. It took many months to become better and she still has a limp. We thought we were going to lose her, but we didn't. I hope Essiac had something to do with it :)"




October 28, 2022

"My testimony is of my 13 year old fur baby. He had a tumor on his tongue and life expectancy is 6 months for this cancer. Pretty sure he had it for a couple of months before we found it.

dog tumor essiac

This is the tumor that was on his tongue and it is completely gone. The vet had said in January of 2022 that he had six months to live.

dog cancer essiac

He was put on steroids for 3 months and started Essiac Tea in February. He is still on it but as a maintenance dose. The tumor fell off in June. Hubs was playing with him on the bed and it was gone. We never did find it. Vet was unbelievably happy. Needless to say we were thrilled with the results. The tea works and I am so very grateful for it."

Karen Taylor-Nielsen


July 20, 2021

"Love Essiac. I have been giving it to my great dane for cancer treatment. She is 11 and has a huge inoperable tumor on her abdomen. The vet said she had 3 to 6 months to live in December. It is July and she's be-bopping around, doing great and still loves to eat. I give her 3 ounces throughout the day in conjunction with a high protein diet and turmeric. I mix a shot of the Essiac with homemade organic chicken broth. As I heat up the broth for her, I down a chilled 1 ounce shot glass myself. I think it tastes great. Really gets my motor running and I rarely get sick now. I am 56 years-old with arthritis. I can wake up in the morning feeling awful, drink the Essiac and 10 minutes later, voila! I feel great."

Carol Cimo


June 30, 2021

"After my husband was (as it -- thank God! -- turned out falsely) diagnosed with prostate cancer, in 2011, we investigated alternative treatments and learned about Essiac Tea. We, then, both took drank the tea and found it beneficial for our bladder problems. After using different brands, we came upon yours and found it the best and the cheapest. So we have been buying it ever since (not only for us but also for gifts to friends with health problems).

We have (presently) 28 (rescue) cats. Two of them had been suffering from metastasized cancer for over half a year and were more dead than alive by August 2013. That's when we thought of Essiac Tea as a last resort. Both cats improved within days (even hours) and recovered within 3 months. They are still with us. Our vet declared the recovery of these cats a miracle. He is also a strong believer in Essiac Tea. His wife (who is still alive) took it when she had cancer, 10 years ago.

A 3rd, very old, cat, diagnosed with a large tumor in her belly, in Sept. 2013, was also put on Essiac Tea. She is also still with us and symptom-free. We had been a bit worried about giving her the tea because it contains sorrel, which is said to be hard on the kidneys, but we just had her blood checked again and her kidneys were found to be stable.

(We suspect that the kidney-warning about sorrel originates with the French, who overdose with sorrel, eating it as a vegetable.)

If you are interested in the whole story of our metastasized-cancer cats (who had relapses, within 2 days, whenever the tea dosage was lowered or discontinued, and improved again, also within 2 days, when they were back on the full dosage of the tea), please let me know. I have the detailed story already written down and have sent it to several Goodreads friends, 2 of them suffering from cancer, 1 of them the author of the book "How to Kill Cancer Cells". (This book also mentions Essiac Tea.)

We have been spreading the word of our experience with Essiac Tea to neighbors, friends, and acquaintances, always recommending your company and giving your web address. This is probably the best we can do for humans and animals as long as we are alive."



April 3, 2021

"My 14 yr old cat was so ill last month, falling to one side, lost 50 percent of her weight, would not eat much. I googled her symptoms--looked like cancer. Took her to the vet-removed a few teeth, I was told she should be better in a day or few...when she recovered she ate but a day later she began to act ill as before. I knew she was dying/had cancer.

I ordered the tea, from another site, it took a week for shipping...she was just like before surgery, 6 pounds which was down from 15--she continued and I thought she might pass before the tea arrived. After giving her the tea-one day later, she began to eat, day two she perked up, not losing her balance, day three she began to travel through the house, and then, well within 7 days she was jumping in a box wanting to play--I almost lost it--I was so happy!

I take it too. She thought she was going to die--began to hibernate off by herself. I researched Essiac Tea testimonies--I read one that experienced the same but I did not know if it was truth. Now I know it was a true testimony. Three weeks now and she seems normal. I have researched natural healing alternatives for two yrs-heard of Essiac, but really how can tea heal-o my goodness - IT DID. GOD SAID MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED DUE TO LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. I fasted for her, and I think God put the info on Essiac in front of me--All healing is from above. Glory to our God."

Kelly Lane


January 3, 2021

"We have been using Essiac Tea twice a day to treat thyroid cancer in our Black Labrador. In October, 2013 he was diagnosed with inoperable thyroid cancer and given 3 to 6 months. He is still with us. He turned 12 in May, and is just as playful and full of life as a puppy."



September 4, 2020

"Thank you! We are using it for our dog who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She seems to be doing great and we are very glad we purchased this!"

Kathy Goodman


August 12, 2020

"I had researched and found you 6 month ago when my dog, 11 year old collie, was diagnosed with very aggressive cancer of the sweat glands. A week later a tumor was removed between his ears, but the doctor said he could not get a clear margin and thought my dog was only going to live 2 month. Since diagnosis my dog (90 lb) has been on 3 oz 3x daily of your Essiac, he drinks it willingly with 1 teaspoon cottage cheese mixed in. Now 6 month later the dog is doing well, no signs of cancer.

Since the time I have started the dog on Essiac I myself have also been taking the tea on maintenance dose, thinking it will be good for me as well and it is: at my yearly check up my cholesterol was way down, back to normal, so I now don't have to take the atorvastatin anymore.

Seems to me the Essiac Tea is working well!

Thanks for providing quality Essiac Tea!"




July 5, 2020

"My 10 year old Sheltie (Raleigh) was diagnosed 3 months with a cancer mass which was partially blocking his colon 3 months ago. He was seen by a vet who was able to feel the tumor in his rectum. (Mar 30) At that time he had severe diarrhea and blood discharge thorough his rectum. He prescribed palliative care, with no hope of recovery without surgery, and even that not being a viable option anyway. With the wellness "regime" I planned out, without medications or surgical intervention, Raleigh's health improved rapidly. I used Essiac Tea as part of it from the start. Some of the tea I had available was expired unfortunately, and from different sources, I also was not preparing it properly, but I am convinced, (in great part) it was a major contributor to his recovery.

I now have your product and will be using it as part of an (ongoing) wellness recovery and maintenance for Raleigh. Through 2 separate vets with physical exams and documented blood work, Raleigh as of (29June) is in what appears to be almost complete remission of the original mass.

Next month both vets will evaluate his condition for confirmation...

My goal is to help figure out a (complete) protocol that can help others with similar conditions. I was really just "winging" it unfortunately, and Dr. Laia with PetZen Animal Wellness wants to help "reconstruct" everything I did (as I remember it) so the wellness/recovery regime I used can be effectively replicated...

Thank God & God Bless..."



February 2, 2020

"I'm using it to treat my dog's cancer, and he's only about 25 lbs. I give it to him twice per day. He's been fighting mandibular osteosarcoma since 2018, and we treated with surgery and holistic diets and supplements. Since I've stopped treating with surgery, the tumor grows, then shrinks, then grows and shrinks. Right now it is shrinking again since starting this new formula of Essiac. He was on Essiac Tea bags since October of last year. This is much more concentrated and so far I'm very happy with it. He doesn't spit it out as much as he did the other one.

Thank you for offering this product at an affordable price. He's on soooo much stuff that's been costing a small fortune, including a raw diet, aside from the Budwig protocol."



September 3, 2019

"My pug has been fighting mandibular osteosarcoma since 2018. In the beginning, we were surgically removing it every four to six months. After I started him on this tea, the tumor began slowing it's growth and we lasted nine months before another surgery was needed. His last surgery was in July of 2020, and the tumor started growing quickly, but I upped the dosage of his tea, and now the tumor has shrunk and seems to have stopped growing altogether. It's not red and irritated looking anymore and I have great hopes that we may just defeat it this time. If not, at least the tea keeps it from growing so quickly. It was very tricky getting him to willingly drink the tea and he would just spit it out every time I put it in his mouth, but now he willingly swallows it since it's become such a routine we do twice per day. I'm so proud of him, and I highly recommend this tea if you or your animal companion has cancer."


San Marcos


March 31, 2019

"We have given it to pet owners for Parvo, horse laminitis and other ailments. Cured every time and these pets big and small were on deaths door."

Sally Peterson


May 17, 2019

"My dog had cancer and I was giving it to him exclusively.... It prolonged his life by MONTHS!! He was given a few weeks and lasted 6 months until he had a stroke on Thanksgiving :-/ had to put him to sleep after that, but I think the stuff is amazing...

I've given several packets to friends with cancer to try as an alternative to Western Medicine & share my story with others about the benefits of the tea. :-)"

-Elizabeth Lewis-


December 5, 2018

"I use it for my dog... She was diagnosed with a fast spreading cancer last August and I was told she only have a short time to live... I put her on a raw food diet... Essiac Tea... B-17... Silver and Venus fly trap serum and she's doing great.. Her tumor that burst in October is healed over and hair grew back and her other two tumors have been slowly shrinking... We pray every to to our Lord and Savior to keep her healthy and strong! ??

Thank you for checking in and have a great day."

Janette Bemis


October 3, 2018

"Your literature is truly inspirational! I have had Lassie, my pretty show collie on Essiac for 2 weeks, as she has a brain tumor. It is thought to be cancer. She had a stroke in February and recovered up to a point, and recently had some mini strokes. We discovered these were due to a brain tumor.

I put her on Essiac, and her cataracts cleared, an her one eye that was twisted and sunken in recovered, and i believe she can see out of it now. I will let you know how much of the rest of her vestibular symptoms it cures. Several vets have told me to put her down, but they never heard of Essiac. So keep Lassie in prayer!"



September 5, 2018

"I bought the Essiac tea for my dog that was diagnosed w an inoperable liver tumor. I honestly believe that the Essiac tea gave her 2 months extra of life. You have a great product that definitely worked for her. Thank you."



August 30, 2018

"I have given my rotti who was diagnosed with lymphosima Essiac Tea, the orginal formula. She was given 6 weeks to live and she was 12, to old and unwell for chemo. Plus I didn't want to put her through that. She also had a tumour on her gum in her mouth. Anyway the tumour in her mouth first enlarged and hardened and then it started falling part and completely vanished within about 6-7 months. The lymphoma retracted and the doctors thought she was misdiagnosed.

Unfortunately in Feb. she end up getting really bad infection in her leg, her nail split and the infection truck into her arm, she had 2 operations and the infection was coming back, so they did an xray of her foot, she had a broken nail, and the infection was coming from there, after she had 3rd operation and they cut of her nail, she just coudnt cope anymore, her bad legs and cancer return full blown and she was in pain, I had to put her to sleep. But Essiac gave her extre 14 months of good life instead of 6 weeks as she was predicted. I also gave her vit c and D and i put callendula and stinging nettle in her food."

Haskell Hamilton


August 3, 2018

"I was thrilled to find your website. Used Resperin Corp formula about 10 years ago, know of two other verified success stories (stage 4 breast cancer, and 30 yr smoker with lung cancer)... Am looking forward to using yours on my 10+ yo Siamese who I believe has cancer. Am very interested in buying bulk from you in the future and reselling. I've told hundreds of people over the years about Essiac, and have many old books about Rene and the tea. It was really interesting see the photos and reading your connection with her."



June 12, 2018

"My dog got bone cancer last July & I had her leg amputated. I knew I wasn't going the chemo route. I heard about your tea & now swear by it. My dog is now 5 and kicking butt! I credit the tea, her diet, some pills I mix in w peanut butter, and a positive attitude that I value everyday.

Whatever is in the tea I love it and than you for it?? Vets said max 1 year, so we're beating all odds and enjoy life to the fullest. Many people ask what happened to your dogs leg? I steer the direction to the healing of her leg & how people and animals that use this tea swear by it. I'm so blessed to still have my best friend here for more holiday celebrations. Thank you so much! My mom is buying this round of 12 4 oz packets so this will be my 4th order and hope to b a customer for many years to come.

-My Sincerest Thank You"



May 10, 2018

"I did start to use the Essiac herbs because of my dog Cupid who has a huge mass in his chest and I think it is helping. Two ounces twice a day. I give it with a 2 teaspoon syringe and a dowel to keep his mouth open. Then I got lazy and only gave Cupid one dose a day for two weeks and he started to get worse. He could not stand up on his back legs and I had to help him a lot for about three days and one leg was swelling which had me worried. So now I’m giving him 2 1/2 ounce twice a day. And he is back on his feet and is doing better. He is 16 1/2 years old right now. So I think the Essiac Tea is keeping his symptoms at bay. I just have to stick to the aggressive dose for him. I can still feel the huge mass in his chest and I do not know how long it will take to get that down but I am hopeful. I do think the tea is holding back his major symptoms and I am very hopeful that it can help him. I just do not know how long it will take. I think it will be a long journey.

As for Lucky (my other dog 14 1/2 yrs) and I; we are taking a maintenance dose. I take 3 ounces twice a day. And 1 ounce twice a day for Lucky (Lucky is still doing very well). Lucky dose not like to take it but he will lick some of the tea half of the time and I do not have to use the syringe as much which is a good thing. I think it is detoxing both of us. When I first started taking the tea my but got a little sore and I think the dogs are pooping more also but that is a good thing right.

So here is my review. I love your Essiac Tea and am very happy with it. The tea is very easy to make and for the three of us I make a half gallon every five days. The tea is helping all three of us and when Cupid gets better (I mean the mass in his chest part) I do think it will be because of the Essiac Tea.

Thank you so much for your Essiac Tea; I love everything about it."

Yours truly, Ruth


March 1, 2018

"We are using Essiac for our dog who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She seems to be doing great and we are very glad we purchased this!"

Heather Heins


February 13, 2018

"I am so thankful for the samples you provided for my pup Drey last year. He made a speedy recovery after the mass was removed and adding Essiac Tea in his diet. He even regained his youthful vigor, long walks, jumping on to furniture and playing fetch again. It's really wonderful."

Cristina Rivera


October 30, 2017

"My Aussie had thyroid cancer. After removal of the mass & her thyroid & finding out that cancer had spread into her blood cells I purchased 1 lb. of Essiac Tea & chatted w/the company regarding dosage & how to get her to drink it. I make my own broth to mix with the tea. She weighs 50 lbs. She takes 2 oz. of tea mixed w/1 1/2 oz. broth 2xday. After new blood work her red & white blood counts are w/i normal range when before surgery both were very low & her parathyroid is working properly to sustain her life. She's eating, drinking, playing, running a marathon at 8 years old thanks to Essiac Tea. My vet is amazed. He just got the results back regarding the parathyroid gland and was astonished that she doesn't have to be on meds for the rest of her life. Not what he expected but it is what I expected.

I've known about Essiac Tea for many years & gave it to my dad when he had rectal cancer. His anus couldn't be saved bc the tumor was 1 cm away so he had to have a colostomy bag, but he lived for another 18 years & didn't die from cancer. He had many, many issues & pneumonia was his demise even though he had the pneumonia shot. I definitely recommend Essiac Tea for cancer no doubt. Now I'm going to buy some for my friend that has thyroid cancer even though she hates tea! I'll buy it for her bc I love her & I believe in it. God said I'll heal all of your illnesses & he gave us all of these wonderful healing herbs & I truly believe that!



I wrote a review on June 15, 2021 regarding my Aussie that had thyroid cancer that had spread to her blood cells. After being on Essiac Tea for 6 months I had my vet draw blood to see if the cancer was still in her blood cells. After having to wait 10 days I got the call from the vet. He was amazed...there is no cancer in her blood cells anymore! Nor is she on any medication that my vet thought she would need to be on for the rest of her life because of the removal of her thyroid gland. Essiac Tea is amazing! It definitely saved my dogs life! I called the company to thank them and I cried tears of joy! I'm going to keep her on a maintenance dose because cancer can come back and I'll not have that happen again. She's doing a wonderful life thanks to this tea :)"

Joyce Ettema


October 29, 2017

"I wanted to tell you that our holistic vet had recommended the tea for our 13 year old large breed dog whose neck was severely swollen because of a huge thyroid, possibly cancerous. She was having difficulty swallowing, she lost 15 pounds, was lethargic, and coughing and choking constantly. We were preparing ourselves for her death. I will not lie, it was (and still is)a fight to get the tea down her, but after only 1 week we noticed improvement. Was it just wishful thinking? We continued with the tea hoping it was truly helping. Now, after one month of tea, the swelling has gone down 50%, she is eating and gaining back lost weight, she no longer coughs or chokes AT ALL, she gets her toys out and wants to play. It is remarkable!! We don't know about the cancer without testing and we aren't going to put her through that at her age. She is happy and acting healthier each day. That is all we want for her - for her last years to be good ones. Essiac Tea is wonderful!"



September 18, 2017

"We got it for our dog who was diagnosed with skin cancer on the roof of his mouth in the back of his mouth. He was out under anesthesia for a routine dental cleaning when the vet saw a suspicious area. She cut it much as she could...and sent it for analysis along with 2 moles that were also taken. Until then we thought the moles on his lower lip were only that...moles. However, it was ask shots off cancer.

While they were able to get all the cancer from his lip/chin region, they weren't able to get more from the palate. It is in the inoperable hard palate. This was last October and we were told 2 months left...maximum 4. We then took him to a veterinarian oncologist in Denver, who want full of hope. We left knowing that specific cancer treatments were not going to give him much more life and if it did he'd be sick for most of it. We decided against treatment, for the best life left possible for him. Well that was last year.

It's now June...around 8 months side the diagnosis and such. He shouldn't be alive now! But he is. I had never even heard of Essiac Tea until I told a Facebook friend about it situation the night of our bad news. She told me about using Essiac Tea and turmeric. We immediately ordered it from your company and had it within a few short days. We immediately began the ritual of making the brew about once a week...We make about 2 quarts using your tea and instead of water we use our hike made chicken stock...He absolutely loves it. Only took a couple days with small amounts for him to become used to it. We mix it with his meals (2x/day). He has a high quality kibble called Great Life wild salmon.

He also gets a little meat, mostly a few chunks of raw beef liver or chicken. At times he might get a cooked meat. But he always has

Had the chicken stock with it before diagnosis. Ever since getting your dry tea mix and turmeric, along with some Rimadyl, he sends life a new dog, a puppy. He's playful, outgoing, full of life. We COULDN'T HAVE ASKED FOR BETTER RESULTS! He is so active it's difficult to see he is the same dog. As the vets said, it would probably go to his lungs next or brain. There were xrays dune but no imaging of the area on the other side of his palette, we have no idea of the true size of the tumor..if it reached clear through to the other side or not. This was another reason we choose against radiation or Chemo therapies... They were to use an exact beam but they wouldn't know if the spy in the hard palate our other side would be covered any.

We are absolutely sure that he wouldn't still be with us, enjoying life as he hasn't for a couple years, without the Essiac Tea and turmeric. Thank you so much for this awesome health aid. We have told all we know about this and those with family with cancer have begun using it because of our recommendation, so from one current in Facebook, you are extending the lives of many people and pets!

We will be ordering more in the next few weeks."

Thanks again,



May 30, 2017

"The tea I buy is for my dog, he has cancer, but he is doing super good since we started with the B17 and the Essiac Tea!"



February 7, 2017

"Our 9yo dog was diagnosed with cancer October 2015 and was given 2mos max to live. Thanks to your tea, today, he is alive, well and playing like a puppy again.

I've been using Essiac for about 2.5 years now. The first time I had a growth on my larynx that caused me to loose my voice for an entire year, but now I can talk again. Then my neighbor had to put two of their dogs down with a year; a Shepard with lung cancer and then a Schnauzer with a brain tumor. I noticed a node the size of a nickle on one of my Chihuahua's. I started sprinkling Essiac on their dry food. Within a week the node was the size of a pea and within ten days it was completely gone. I still sprinkle it on their food daily. One will soon be 18 years old. The other that had the node will be 16. So, now I'm working on this cyst on my breast. I believe in Essiac and would be a great testament to it's ability to heal and keep people and their pets healthy.

God bless you for promoting the use of Essiac."

Kathleen Ball


July 6, 2017

"I took Essiac along with acupuncture for a very painful neuralgia in my face. After 4. months of treatment the neuralgia is in remission—that is the fastest it has gone into remission! Years ago I gave it to my 12 year old beagle who had a cancerous growth on her leg. As long as I gave it to her the growth stayed down. She lived to be 17 years old when we put her to sleep because of a heart condition."

-Gerri Nicoll


May 28, 2017

"The customer service was very helpful explaining how the tea works for cats. The tea was very easy to brew and store. Our cat tolerated the tea very well and even liked it."



February 5, 2017

"I have been using it on my greyhound who was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and possibly cancer. She was diagnosed in September 2015 and is 12 years old. She is doing well......"

-Denaire Walker


January 2, 2017

"Lulu my fur baby had a mammary gland tumor…I used all the holistic approach from diet to herbals fighting cancer… I had been boosting her immune system to stay strong…

Long story short the tumor got safely removed, no cancer sign , no spread… i found her tumor when was still small and by using your tea as well as lots of other cancer fighting medicinal herbals I was able to stop this cancer to take over her body.

Basically we starved this cancer to death…She loved getting her Essiac Tea ! Your quality is amazing, easy to prepare…keep up the good job!"


Joanna and Lulu


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