Our Organic Essiac Tea is featured in Ty Bollinger's "The Truth About Cancer" Documentary

Our Essiac includes 20% sheep sorrel root, just as Rene Caisse recommended.

Ty Bollinger's The Truth About Cancer was released back in 2015. However, it continues to be watched by more and more people year after year. It is a timeless documentary that provides some much-needed information to the public about our heath.

We thank Ty Bollinger for finding the best source of Essiac to recommend. He knew he had to find Essiac that contained eight herbs and that contained the sheep sorrel root, and ours delivered. You see, if you get a product called "Essiac" that is not authentic, you are never going to know the true healing powers of this herbal blend.

Why Ty Bollinger Chose Our Company to Endorse

Ty Bollinger's primary concern was to find a source of Genuine Essiac with direct lineage to nurse Rene Caisse. Many suppliers did not pass the test due to the fact that they carry bogus versions of Essiac with no clear link to the genuine formula. Our Essiac tea checks that box, too. We are also the only Essiac tea company that offers a Results Guarantee that your health will improve when the product is used as directed. Read more.


Our Essiac formula comes directly from Rene Caisse.


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It's crucial to make sure the Essiac you choose is the same type that Rene Caisse recommends. There are lots of impostors out there. Some of those companies mean well, but they just don't know the truth about Essiac. Others are blatantly trying to take advantage of you.

Very few providers are using the correct formula - the one that Rene Caisse recommended based upon her extensive research. This formula is not in the public domain, so if you are on a website where the formula is listed out in it's exact ratios, run away! Click here to see our direct connection to the origins of Essiac Tea.

Find Out How Gina and Bryan Paulhus Got the Genuine Essiac Formula in this Video

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