Essiac Books: Check Out All the Great Titles That Have Featured Genuine Essiac

Did you know that Genuine Essiac has appeared in a variety of books? It's true, and there are more on the way! Pick up a copy if you'd like to learn more about Essiac and get inspired to commit to your Essiac journey. 

None of these authors were encouraged by us or paid to include is in their books in any way. We are honored that they chose to do so and grateful that they have used their talent to help more people learn about Essiac tea. It was a pleasant surprise to hear from each and every one of them as they reached out to inform us that Genuine Essiac would be featured, and we can't thank them enough.


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Here is the Ever-Growing List of Essiac Books That Feature Genuine Essiac

Breastquake by Toni Galardi

breastquake book


Check out Breastquake now by clicking here.


Outsmart Your Pet's Cancer by Tanya Pierce

outsmart your pets cancer


Click here to learn how to Outsmart Your Pet's Cancer


God Things: A personal journey of hope and inspiration for those dealing with cancer by J. A. Rost

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Learn more about God Things and purchase by clicking here.


My Journey to Wellness - Finding My Way Back to Health Using Nature by Even McLain-Newsom

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Click here to check out this New title.


You can also check out the book The Essiac Report by Richard Thomas to learn more about the history of the Genuine Essiac formula. That Essiac book is available to order and is also readable online via this link. It's a third-party resource that contains the most extensive collection of Essiac tea research available anywhere. You will learn all about Rene Caisse's life and the trials and tribulations she went through as she tried to bring Essiac tea to the greater public. You will also see case studies and research performed by Rene Caisse as well as Dr. Charles Brusch, the man who taught our very own Bryan Paulhus how to make Genuine Essiac. See our Proof of Authenticity here.


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