See How Rene Caisse, a Canadian Nurse, Brought Essiac Tea Into the Mainstream in This Video


At the 20:00 mark of this video you will see Rene Caisse using powdered herbs, the very same ones that we use to make our Genuine Essiac. Powdered herbs are proven to be superior for absorbability, and Rene Caisse knew it!

At the 22:00 minute mark of this Rene Caisse video, you will see the Doctor who developed this formula. His name is Dr. Charles Brusch and he passed the formula along to us.

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Anyone Interested in Essiac Tea Has a Lot to Learn By Watching This Rene Caisse Video

This Rene Caisse Documentary is from the 1970s and was produced in Canada. It's about the life of Rene Caisse and her work with Dr. Charles Brusch. It's the best Rene Caisse Documentary we have come across, and we are happy to be able to share it with you!

Rene Caisse is an amazing woman and we owe so much to her when it comes to Essiac. She first became aware of Essiac tea because a patient that she knew from the hospital where she worked told her about Essiac back in 1922. That woman had breast cancer, but used Essiac tea and was in remission. An Ojibway medicine man had told the woman about Essiac, and Rene was smart enough to follow up and see for herself what this herbal tea was all about.

The Ojibway medicine man was kind enough to share the formula with Rene and she began putting all of her focus toward Essiac tea. She began research on the product while in Canada, but unfortunately faced obstacle after obstacle. She eventually partnered with Dr. Charles Brusch, who also happened to be President Kennedy's personal physician. Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch studied Essiac tea at the Brusch Medical Research Center from the years of 1959 through 1967.

Through their research Rene Caisse and Dr. Brusch determined that the eight herb Essiac tea formula outperfomed all others, and that formula is the one that would be endorsed moving foward. In the past, the Essiac formula contained only four herbs. However, the addition of the extra four herbs were found to potentiate the effectiveness of the original 4. The serving size was increased so that you were sure not to miss out on the original 4, but you would also stand to benefit from the additional four herbs that increased the potency. All of this is documented in the book The Essiac Report by Richard Thomas. Today, her legacy is lasting and powerful. "Essiac" is Rene Caisse's last name...spelled backwards!

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