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"I have been taking Essiac for years since a serious battle with an aggressive cancer in 2006.

Unfortunately I was swayed by the false publicity about the 8-herb Essiac being less effective than the original 4-herb version.

I tried your Essiac recently due to a blip in availability from my old provider. I was concerned about switching but willing to give yours a try.

Wow! I am so pleased and amazed by the superior product you offer. I am sorry it took me so long to try it and find out for myself. I am now feeling and experiencing the benefits of genuine essiac and I love it!!

Thank you for the work you do in helping people get this product handed down from the source."


"Been using essiac tea for over 10 years and I can definitely feel the difference when I run out. Don't want to live without it. By the way I'm 71 and doing great with the tea."

-Linda Davis

"This tea is a bit thicker than the Flor-essence I used to buy and decoct, but I see quicker results with your formula.

I have been telling my friends and coworkers who are interested in trying it about your company and the excellent follow up service!"

-Twyla Jack


"Hi Gina, Letting you know that my Essiac Tea order arrived and I am now finishing my first week of my recently brewed batch. The quality is really wonderful, and so far seems to be far superior to any other Essiac products on the market."

Warren D.
Orland Park, IL


"I have drinking this Essiac Tea for about 4 months now. I mix it with a little Chocolate stevia and it tastes just fine. I know the tea is doing its work as I feel my mood and spirits lift after drinking which tells me my body (specifically my immune system) is in action. Easy to prepare and good quality this is as good for Essiac Tea as it gets."



"I have been buying from this seller for many years. Best price, best quality. Heard about this product from a client who had undeniable positive results. He did PLENTY of research too."

-Paul Becker


"I have learned to like the taste of it, at first it was daunting but now I enjoy it. I have had a large mass in my abdomen that I noticed earlier this year.

I have been eating and living clean for many decades and I did not have insurance this year so am just doing the Essiac. I appreciate being able to get it in this form, it is so much more affordable than the bottled essiac used to be!"

-Morgan Silver

"I have been using the Essiac tea for about a year and I must say that it has worked very well. Of all the Essiac teas that I have used, this one is the best. I use it in the morning and in the evening. When I have to travel on short trips and I cannot take it with me, I feel sorry about having to skip doses."

-Elsie Cunningham


"We take it as a maintenance since we don’t have any major health problems and would like to keep that way. I like that it helps having smooth bowel movements."

-Haruyo Nishimura


"Excellent quality! Thanks!"

"Right now I am taking (3) 3 oz doses per day. I suffer from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and type 2 diabetes. The tea helps to keep my head clear instead of 'foggy.' 

Before we found you, I was desperately trying to make through my day at work! The fatigue and grogginess were almost bad enough to cause me to miss work. (I'm an office manager and the only one handling all the accounting and payroll duties!) The tea makes it so that I can again function. I would say that I've gone from being able to function only at about 40% to around 85%. I have diet changes that I'm making that should also help. Without the tea, I was afraid I would have to retire before we can afford it!

Thank you again for having this product available!"

-Dee Decker

"Thank you for sending me my first 6 months supply gratis. I feel better, I'm taking 9 oz of tea twice per day. My friends say 'I don't know what you're doing, but keep doing it! you look great!' So thank you!

Here's to another 4 months. I've actually grown to look forward to my morning tea, and before bed. Thank you. Tumor marker labs were still normal. This feels good to me, and really the only thing I've stayed consistent with is the Essiac Tea.

I went without it for about a week while I was moving, but got right back to it as soon as I was able to brew it up and keep refrigerated. Thank you for getting me started! God Bless you and your company. I can only thank God and this tea for my improvements."

-Margaret Hardaway


"Always top notch. And always the best price. I'm thankful to have found you years ago and will continue with you as long as you are in business."



"Happy with the product and service, Like the many options of packaging."

-WT Toh


"We are LOVING it!!! I am getting all my friends on it!!!!!!! Still have a good amount but have my life back. My husband is much better on it as well and he is relatively healthy but muscles feel so much better.

Thank you for providing this wonderful product to us at an affordable price!!!!!!!!!

We love you!!"

-Jennifer Chappel

"Great product and pricing. I love the 8 herb Essiac formula. I have stage lV uterine cancer and I drink the tea every day. It gives me energy during the day and helps me sleep at night."

-Bette Bresette Hamann


"I am so happy to find a company that bends over backwards for their customers. I absolutely love love love being able to take roots and all into my tea. Unfortunately I've only had 3 infusions and not much to report yet. This will be the only place that I ever do business with."

-David Brown



"You’re the absolute BEST! My lifetime source..

and this stuff is pure magic!"



"The rep Bryan was very helpful with my questions n applyed 100% of hiself in making my day better."

-Babe Street


"Absolutely love the quality of this tea! Customer service is 2nd to none and our order always ships fast!"



Hi Gina,

"All is well. Your product is the most superior we’ve found! When we order, we order for long term so will be circling back soon to reorder.

Thanks so much!"


"Bryan is AMAZING to work with & great product! VERY happy and share that this is the BEST place to find essiac tea!! :D

Best to You!"

-Lana Yates
 Lost River, WV

drinking essiac tea

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