4 Herb Vs. 8 Herb Essiac: Learn the Truth About Which Version is Best

8 Herb Essiac is the Most Up-to-Date Rene Caisse Approved Essiac Tea Formula Available

There has been much debate about 4 herb vs. 8 herb Essiac. What you need to know is that the most effective Essiac formula was determined by research to be one made with a blend of eight powdered herbs.  

You're not missing out on a thing when you choose 8 herb Essiac

This Rene Caisse formula included the original four in the exact same ratios as before, but with four more herbs added to the blend that Rene Caisse found enhanced the effectiveness and potency of the original four. She discovered this during her research at the Brusch Medical Center, located about 45 minutes from our headquarters today, and not everyone knows about this. That's why you will see 4 herb Essiac tea being sold all over the internet.

four herb vs. eight herb essiac

Because of the addition of the four herbs, the newer Rene Caisse formula was put into use in 1967 had a higher serving size of 3 oz. instead of 2 oz. That way, the original four herbs would still be given in the same amount - just with the four additional herbs added on top. So you're not losing out on anything by using eight herb Genuine Essiac! 

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This research on 4 herb vs. 8 herb Essiac is all documented in the book The Essiac Report by Richard Thomas, available on Amazon. You can also read it online for free linked right on our website 😀. 4 herb Essiac can certainly work, and work well. That's not the issue. It's just that the 8 herb formula is a more potent blend and is even more powerful. This is the formula that has been used since the late 60s. It was developed at the conclusion of the research that took place at the Brusch Medical Research Center from the years of 1959-1967. Of course you would want the most up-to-date Essiac tea formula available - and that is not the original formula.


Many of the 4 herb Essiac companies don't want you to know that there is a new and improved formula, and they often use fear mongering tactics to make you think the "original" 4 herb Essiac is better. Please don't fall for it.


4 herb vs 8 herb essiac


See the Man Who Researched Essiac Tea Alongside Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch

Hear directly from Dr. Charles Brusch on the effectiveness of Essiac and the safety of eight herb Essiac by watching this video. Dr. Brusch passed this most up-to-date Rene Caisse formula on to our family. You can see that document here.




In the research at the Brusch Medical Research Center, it was also determined that powdered herbs worked far better than whole herbs. Because of that, you will see that our formula always comes in powdered herbs, the same ones that Rene Caisse used herself. You can see Rene Caisse preparing powdered herbs herself in this video.


What Sets Genuine Essiac Apart

Our company is the only one that stands behind its Essiac with a Money Back Results Guarantee. If your health doesn't improve when used as directed, you don't pay! This is something that none of the 4 herb companies can offer. And it's because they know they can't stand behind their product like we can.


Now, next time someone tries to debate you on 4 herb vs. 8 herb Essiac, you can arm them with the facts. In summary:

  • Rene Caisse stopped using the 4 herb formula after her research came back on Essiac tea that she conducted with Dr. Charles Brusch at the Brusch Medical Center from 1959 through 1967.
  • The additional 4 herbs that make up the 8 herb formula are designed to enhance the potency of the original 4.
  • The 4 herb formula has a serving size of 2 oz. while the 8 herb formula has a serving size of 3 oz. The extra ounce accounts for the additional 4 herbs without disrupting the ratio of the original 4, just like Rene Caisse did.
  • Those in-the-know always scan the ingredient list of Essiac tea and make sure the blend contains 8 herbs and not just 4.


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The powdered herbs just like Rene Caisse used are so much easier to work with that you can prepare Essiac with typical kitchen supplies.