The Essiac Report by Richard Thomas is a Tremendous Resource About Essiac Tea History and Research

The Essiac Report is a Must-Read for any Essiac Tea Enthusiast

The book The Essiac Report is the gold standard for learning about the history of Essiac Tea. This book features pictures and documents of Rene Caisse and Dr. Brusch performing the most extensive research ever to date on Essiac Tea. This research occurred from the years of 1959 through 1967. There are case studies presented in the book as well as accounts of Rene's trials and tribulations attempting to spread to use of Essiac to as many people as possible.

The research was conducted at the Brusch Medical Research Center in Cambridge, MA. Dr. Brusch was most famous for being President Kennedy's Personal Physician. As a world renounced MD, he had an interest in alternative medicine that he took the time to pursue, and we are forever grateful! Our current headquarters at Genuine Essiac are located about 45 minutes from where this research center was back in the day.

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The Essiac Report Will Answer All Your Questions About Essiac in One Convenient Place

The Essiac Report is truly an all-encompassing resource for anyone wanting to learn more about this miraculous herbal blend. It's a third party resource too, meaning that no one is incentivized to paint a different picture other than the truth. You will uncover surprising information about the history of Essiac tea that is simply not available anywhere else...all for free!

Countless websites are selling the outdated four herb version of Essiac tea, the one that Rene Caisse found didn't work as well as eight herb Essiac, and charging outrageous prices. The Essiac Report details the history of Essiac showing how Rene Caisse pushed through a huge number of barriers to do her absolute best to get this product out to the public. It's a shame what she had to go through, and because of that she is our hero. Once you see the facts laid out, knowing which companies have the real Essiac is easy. Watch a documentary about Rene Caisse's life here.

I highly suggest reading The Essiac Report for yourself. You'll love seeing the authentic pictures and documents depicting this astounding story. It will transport you back in time to the decades when Rene Caisse had a dream to help more people gain access to this miraculous herbal tea. You can read The Essiac Report online for fee by clicking here, or you can purchase a paperback copy on Amazon.

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