The Amazing Essiac Tea Benefits You Have to Feel to Believe

Genuine Essiac Tea Offers So Many More Benefits Than Most Other Herbal Teas - All in One Convenient Blend

Essiac Tea offers a huge variety of benefits to the body, and once you understand how it works, it's easy to see why.

  • Essiac is a full system detoxifier, offers immune system support and is a blood cleanser.
  • Because of these features, we offer a Money Back Guarantee that your health will improve if you use our product and only our product!
  • Of course, you may use other products too if you like. But we don't require it for you to feel better.

By cleaning out all the bad stuff, Essiac helps your body's own organs resume functioning just the way nature intended. This means that your body will be put back in a position where it can more easily heal itself naturally using it's own resources. And that is what we all want! After all, when your own body does all the work, there are minimal side effects.

Keep in mind, it's not Essiac that heals you - your own body does all the work.Essiac simply facilitates a full system reset that can allow the power of your own body to take over from there. Essiac tea makes it simple, easy and affordable to take care of your health. Once you feel the Essiac tea benefits for yourself, you will never want to go back.

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essiac tea benefits

Here Are 30 Different Ways That Essiac Tea Can Help the Body

  1. Prevents the buildup of fatty deposits in the artery walls, heart, kidney and liver.
  2. Regulates cholesterol levels.
  3. Kills parasites in the digestive system.
  4. Counteracts the effects of aluminum, lead and mercury poisoning.
  5. Strengthens and improves the functioning of muscles, organs and tissues bodywide.
  6. Makes bones, joints, ligaments, lungs, and membranes stronger and more flexible - and therefore less vulnerable to stress and stress injuries.
  7. Nourishes the brain as well as the rest of the nervous system.
  8. Promotes the absorption of fluids into the body tissues that need it.
  9. Removes toxic accumulations in the fat, lymph, bone marrow, bladder, and alimentary canals.
  10. Absorbs toxins in the bowel as well as eliminates them. Read more
  11. Clears out the respiratory channels by dissolving and expelling mucus.
  12. Relieves the liver of its burden of some detoxification by converting fatty toxins into water-soluble substances that can then be more easily eliminated through the kidneys.
  13. Assists the liver to produce lecithin which forms part of the myelin sheath, a white fatty material that encloses nerve fibers, helping protect them.
  14. Reduces heavy metal deposits in tissues (especially those surrounding the joints) to reduce inflammation and stiffness.
  15. Improves the functions of the pancreas and spleen by increasing the effectiveness of insulin. This keeps blood sugar in better check.
  16. Purifies the blood by helping to remove excess fats and cholesterol.
  17. Increases red cell production and prevents them from rupturing.
  18. Increases the body's ability to utilize oxygen.
  19. Maintains the balance between potassium and sodium within the body so that the fluid inside and outside each cell is regulated.
  20. Converts calcium and potassium oxalates into a harmless form by making them solvent in the urine. This regulates the amount of oxalic acid delivered to the kidneys, thus reducing the risk of stone formation in the gall bladder, kidneys and urinary tract.
  21. Protects against toxins entering into the brain.
  22. Protects the body against the damage from radiation and X-rays. See this study.
  23. Relieves pain and inflammation as well as increases energy.
  24. Accelerates wound healing by helping regenerate damaged areas.
  25. Increases the production of antibodies such as lymphocytes and T-cells in the thymus gland, which form the basis of our immune system. 5
  26. Protects the cells against the damaging effects of free radicals including oxidative stress. 6
  27. Improves gut health (read more)
  28. Boosts mood and leads to an improved sense of well being.
  29. Increases the production of nitric oxide, which helps cleanse the arteries.
  30. Protects human DNA from ionizing radiation and EMFs.

As you can see, the Essiac tea benefits are wide and vast.

Essiac has been used specifically by those with:

1. Weakend Immune System
2. Chronic bronchitis and other lung problems
3. Chronic Pain
4. Diabetes 1 2
5. Arthritis
6. Tumors, lesions and growths (including fibroids) 3 4
7. Ulcers
8. Liver Problems
9. Colon Trouble
10. Chronic Fatigue
11. Fibromyalgia
12. Sinus Trouble
13. Gout
14. Pneumonia and chest colds
15. High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol
16. IBS (including diarrhea and constipation)
17. Kidney Disease
18. AIDS
19. Pain related to inflammation
20. Fluid retention (edema)
21. Diarrhea
22. Heartburn
23. Hepatitis C
24. Bladder Problems
25. Allergies
26. Normalization of hormones
27. Removal of biofilm
28. Parasite cleansing

...and many other conditions.

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