Are You Wondering About Essiac Tea Side Effects?

Wondering about Essiac tea side effects?

Whenever taking any new product, this is an important question to consider. Many folks are curious about possible Essiac tea side effects before purchasing the product, and for good reason. It's important to be smart about what you are putting into your body!

essiac tea side effects

The good news is that Essiac Tea has very little in the way of side effects, and no bad side effects.

One reason is that the product is designed to be a slow, gentle detox - not a quick fix. Because of that, it tends to be very well tolerated. Essiac tea side effects are few and far between, and the severity tends to be mild.

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That said, what are the possible side effects of Essiac Tea?

The only side effect associated with eight herb Essiac is an increased frequency of needing to use the bathroom. This is not going to be uncomfortable for most and you should be able to continue your usual activities. It's part of how the product works - removing things inside that need to come out. Normally this Essiac tea side effect lasts a few days at the longest.

If this Essiac tea side effect is bothersome to you, feel free to build up to the usual dose rather than starting with it right away. Keep in mind that you should not start your clock measuring how long you've been on Essiac until you have built up to the recommended amounts, which are 3 oz. three times a day if you wish to improve your health and 3 oz. twice a day if your goal is maintenance of health.

If there is any other Essiac tea side effect that you notice, know that it's extremely rare, and it will be hard to know if it's Essiac causing it or something else. After all, think about how many times you may have randomly developed a headache, or had trouble sleeping, or got sick. It doesn't necessarily mean you did anything in your routine in particular to "cause" these issues much of the time.

However, if you are concerned with how your body is responding and adjusting, feel free to start low and go slow. You may start with as little as 1 oz. once a day and eventually build up to 3 oz. three times per day. Everyone is different, and that method might work better for you. Rest assured the average person experiences little to no in the way of Essiac tea side effects and normally starting at the full serving works perfectly fine and is not harmful.

essiac kidney function

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essiac side effects
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