Do you drink the Essiac herbs, or strain them out and throw them away?


You absolutely should drink the Essiac herbs rather than throw them away!

This is the exact method that Rene Caisse found to be best in her research at the Brusch Medical Research Center from 1959 through 1967.  

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To accomplish drinking the herbs, you must start with powdered herbs that are fine enough to be consumed once boiled. Luckily for you, Genuine Essiac is made with herbs just like that, and just like Rene Caisse used!


Once the tea is made and you have stored it in the fridge, we recommend using an open-topped container so that you can easily stir the mixture with a large spoon before pouring each serving. By doing this, you will ensure that each and every serving has some of the fine herb particles in it and that way you won't be left with a big clump at the end.


psa essiac tea

If the slightly thicker texture bothers you, feel free to dilute your Essiac with some water when you pour each serving in order to reduce the thickness.


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All orders come complete with the easy-to-follow instructions and suggested use.

This tea is simple to make and takes just ten minutes to make a two-week supply.



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