We Have the Ojibway to Thank for Essiac Tea

The Ojibway are the ones who helped us learn about Essiac.

Without them, Essiac may not be available for all to use and enjoy today.

The Ojibway live in a large area from southeastern Ontario to stretching across the upper Great Lakes region of the U.S. and Canada. In their culture they have always relied on herbs. Essiac is perhaps the best-known herbal blend credited to the Ojibway. 

In Ojibway culture, nothing is ever left for waste. In keeping with that, they powdered the herbs that went into Essiac so that when they brewed Essiac Tea they could consume the herbs themselves rather than having to strain them out. The herbs contain fiber and other valuable nutrients and they figured out that those herbs belong in your body rather than being discarded!

You can learn more about the history of Essiac tea and the Ojibwa in our Tiktok Live. Watch now. 


How Rene Caisse Learned of the Formula

Rene Caisse was a Canadian nurse. Rene was assisting an elderly woman one day and noticed that there was scar tissue over one of her breasts. The woman explained that she had breast cancer a long time ago. The woman went on to explain that an Indian Medicine Man took her under his wing back then. He taught her how to identify particular herbs growing in the area and told her to pick them and make a tea to drink every day. After following his advice, her cancer never came back! The woman who had such good results shared the formula with Rene. Rene decided to name the formula "Essiac" (it's her own last name spelled backwards).


ojibway essiac


Rene Caisse continued to use powdered herbs just as the Ojibway Medicine Man taught her to do. Rene Caisse performed research on Essiac Tea at the Brusch Medical Research Center from the years of 1959 through 1967. She performed this research alongside Dr. Charles Brusch who was President Kennedy's personal Physician at the time. Rene Caisse and Dr, Charles Brusch were able to determine the best performing Essiac Tea formula, and that was one made of powdered herbs that contained eight herbs. It's the very same formula we use today at Genuine Essiac!


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  • I am so happy to come across this great herbal tea I have heard about it in the past several yrs ago but forgotten the name what a Blessing it is thank you

    Lety Terrazas

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