Improving the Taste of Essiac

Essiac has an earthy, grassy taste—some compare it to green tea. This tea is not designed for taste—it’s designed for results. We did not want to risk affecting the results of the tea based on altering it to improve taste.

No matter how “disgusting” you find Essiac the first few times, just about everyone gets used to it very quickly. If you can stick it out over the first couple of days, I promise—it gets easier. Many even say they develop an acquired taste for it (this happened to me!)

However, some people just can’t get used to it. If that’s you, no problem!


Here are some things you can add to the tea in order to make it more pleasant.

--Fresh squeezed lemon


--Fruit or vegetable juice (natural only—no added sugar)


--Mix it with another herbal tea such as peppermint


These substances should be added to the tea after it’s prepared according to instructions. Do not add anything to the tea while it’s brewing. This way you will be sure to keep the ratio correct. For example, once you have your normally prepared tea, you can pour your 3 oz. serving of Essiac. Then you can add, say, 3 oz. of orange juice. That means you’re now drinking a 6 oz. beverage that includes the 3 oz. of tea.



Let us know if you have other suggested methods for improving taste! We’d love to hear from you.

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