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In this video you will learn the history behind real Essiac - and why not all Essiac tea is created equal.


Whenever you are comparing Essiac tea brands, it's critical that you only look at blends that contain 8 herbs. The reason is because the 8 herb formula is the one that is most up to date and the one that Rene Caisse endorsed as the best formula after she spent time studying the various ones and comparing them.

Rene Caisse researched Essiac tea alongside Dr. Charles Brusch, who was President Kennedy's personal physician. The two worked together at the Brusch Medical Research Center in Cambridge, MA from the years of 1959 through 1967. It became clear during this research that the 8 herb Essiac formula that was tested was superior to the 4 herb blend.

It turns out results shows that the additional 4 herbs potentiated the effects of the original 4. The serving size of 8 herb Essiac was increased by 1 oz. to account for the addition of the 4 extra herbs. The 4 herb blend carried a suggested serving size of 2 oz. and the 8 herb blend is 3 oz. You're not missing out on the original 4 when you choose 8 herb Essiac - you are simply enjoying a blend that has additional herbs to enhance the effectiveness of those 4 herbs. Now you know!

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