The Consistency of How Your Essiac Tea Looks and Tastes

It's Normal For There to Be Seasonal Variations in the Way Essiac Looks and Tastes

Occasionally we have folks write and let us know that their Essiac Tea tastes a little more bitter or a little less bitter than it did the last time. They also might note that the color of the tea became slighly darker or a little lighter. 



Rest assured, these slight changes do not mean that we have changed the formula - or that the tea is defective.

This is a natural product - we do not alter it in any way or add any preservatives. Since it is made with organic herbs, there is less universality than there would be with conventionally grown herbs (picture how a piece of organic fruit is usually less uniform than a conventionally grown one). By avoiding unnecessary processing and unneeded chemicals, we ensure that the very best herbs make their way to you with nothing to get in the way.



It's also normal for herbs to undergo seasonal changes. By seasonal changes, we mean that some years the crop turns out different than others. Going back to our fruit example, it's normal for an organic apple grown in 2019 to look different from one that grew in 2020 depending on how much rain came that year and things of that nature.


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So, it isn't the goal for the herbs to look/feel/smell the same each time.

The goal is for us to send you the highest quality product time after time. We are following the same methods and recommendations Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch came up with before passing the formula along to us. We have changed nothing.

That being said, of course things can happen in the manufacturing process. Rest assured, we test all batches before they are sent out, and we always use some of the Essiac ourselves from each and every batch. If there ever was a problem we would be sure to catch it well before we sent the order out the door. We would never send sub-par Essiac out the door knowing what is on the line.



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  • My husband and I where wondering about the taste of each batch we buy. So thank you for clearing that up. Makes sense.


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