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We have essiac tea in various sizes available. The 1 lb. bags offer the greatest value, whereas the 4 oz. packets make it easy to brew 1 gallon of tea at a time. This is the amount you should make if your goal is to improve your health. The 1 oz. packets are perfect for making 1 quart of tea at a time. This is ideal when your goal is to keep your health the same (maintenance mode). 

Note: If you choose 1 lb. bulk bags, you will need to use a kitchen scale or measuring cups in order to weigh out the 4 oz. or the 1 oz. yourself.


These products all last one person for at least two months.

For more details on how long they last please view the product description. This tea costs less than $1 per day to use. The larger sizes are the best value!

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