You Don't Need to Buy Essiac Tea with Cat's Claw. Here are 3 Reasons Why.

Avoid Essiac products with added ingredients such as cat's claw.

It isn't necessary to add anything to Essiac Tea - and it could even be detrimental to your health. Here are 3 reasons why.

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1. Adding unnecessary ingredients means adding unnecessary costs.

While an Essiac product with added ingredients like cat's claw may feel like a step up, what you're really doing is simply overpaying for something that is unnecessary. Your best bet is to stick to the formula Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch found worked best in their research on the product at the Brusch Medical Research Center from the years of 1959 through 1967.

2. Once you start adding ingredients, there's no telling if the authentic Essiac formula is still intact.

If you take Essiac Tea with cat's claw, you will not know how much Essiac Tea is in the product - or if the ratios of the Essiac herbs are kept in the proper amounts. Most products that are blends like this are sold as proprietary - meaning that you don't exactly how much of each ingredient is in the product. It's a big risk to take, and one that is not necessary.

3. Cat's Claw is redundant when you already have Essiac.

Essiac Tea's actions in the body are to remove heavy metals, detoxify the body, restore energy levels, and rebuild the immune system. All of these things are ways of restoring the body to a condition in which it is able to better defeat illness or disease using its own resources. Cat's claw is also good for the immune system, but since Essiac Tea already has that covered, using it involves a lot of unnecessary overlap.

Don't mess with success - Essiac is safe, simple and easy to use.

Essiac using powdered herbs just like Rene Caisse did takes just 10 minutes once every two weeks to prepare. It's super simple and quick to make. Rene never added cat's claw or anything else to her Essiac. And when you make your own Essiac at home using basic kitchen supplies you will be sure that it's fresh and free of additives and preservatives. It's also a heck of a lot more affordable!

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This tea is simple to make and takes just ten minutes to make a two-week supply.

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