Nipping a PSA Problem in the Bud

Read this Account of One Man's PSA Returning to Normal Limits Very Quickly 

Research indicates that Essiac takes 4.5 to 6 months to for changes in test results to manifest. However, in some cases the changes do occur faster. Today I'd like to share one such case with you. 


This gentleman experienced more frequent urges to urinate and his primary doctor ran a PSA count in January of 2022. The results appear here.


psa before essiac



Granted, the numbers are not crazy high, but they were high, and the gentleman had symptoms, so he was referred to a urologist. The man began taking Essiac Tea at 3 oz. three times per day.

In March of 2022, he had his urology appointment. Another blood test was run. Symptoms of frequent need to urinate had lessened. The results of that bloodwork appear below.


psa after essiac


The urologist was really surprised and asked the man what he did in between the two readings, as normally PSA untreated continues to get worse, not better. He explained that he had been taking Essiac Tea and shared the website with his doctor. This doctor was interested to know more about it, as he could not believe the improvement in just 2 months. The bloodwork was checked once again in September, and all was still well.

Hopefully this account will inspire you to give Essiac a try if you have received news that your bloodwork is off or your PSA count is high. You just may be able to avoid more invasive treatments or medications if you can nip the problem in the bud.


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