Learn what the Percentage of Sheep Sorrel Should ACTUALLY Be

Here are the facts: Authentic essiac tea contains 20% sheep sorrel including the root. Unfortunately, many businesses have begun claiming that the optimum sheep sorrel amount is 25%.

Why would they say this? It's a marketing ploy to create fear and convince people to buy fake essiac tea based solely on made up sheep sorrel percentages. These companies are charging ridiculous prices even though they have a fake product! This fear-based campaign has caught on like wildfire on The Essiac Tea Users Group on Facebook, in particular.



We would never change the percentage of sheep sorrel root. And we especially would never change it just to appease people who have been duped by this myth. The reason is that it would move the formula too far away from the blend that Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch developed together. The exact ratios of the herbs in this formula must be maintained and that was made extremely clear to us by Dr. Charles Brusch. See his endorsement that we have the correct formula here.

Rest assured, we refuse to change from the 20% sheep sorrel content because we respect the integrity of the formula we respect our customers' needs for authentic and effective essiac tea. 

Now you know :)

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