Our Own Cat's Essiac Miracle: Maggie is Well

From Stage 4 Cancer to a Normal Cat

As luck would have it, we found ourselves needing to use our own product on Maggie, our beloved 8 year old cat. She is normally full of life and vigor, but she hadn't been acting herself and was having trouble keeping food down. So, we brought her to the vet.

She was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer last January and was given 1-2 months to live if she took prednolosone. If she didn't take the medication she was given less than that. We were heartbroken.


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Our Journey Began

We started her on the prednolosone right away as we were told that would help keep her comfortable and give us enough time to say goodbye. We immediately began giving her Essiac Tea twice per day. We followed the dosing chart by weight that is here. Because she's little, she gets 7 mL twice a day.

We first tried giving her Essiac in broth. It took a bit of experimenting, but she preferred the tuna from Wild Planet that we first got at Whole Foods. That was the only broth that got her to take the Essiac consistently. We added the broth from one packet to the 7 mL of Essiac. We ate a lot of tuna at that time. 😂

Keep in mind, with pets you don't need to give them the sediment in the Essiac. You can just go with the tea, so don't shake or stir the serving because you can allow the herbs to float to the bottom and not use them when it's for cats or dogs.


We Changed Course to Continue to Administer Essiac to Our Cat

After awhile, she lost interest in the broth. We moved to giving her Essiac by syringe. At first it seemed easier to do this with two people, but now we have it down to where we can easily do it with one person. We swadle her with a big towel and have the syringe at the ready. Once she is contained, we tilt her head back a little and slowly pour the tea in. If she is resistent to swallowing that day, stroking her throat helps. It's such a routine now for us that she doesn't run away after we have given it to her. She doesn't love it, but she doesn't give us trouble either.

A few months after her cancer diagnosis in January, we brought her back to the vet for a check up. The vet declared there was no sign of cancer at all! Prior to the cancer diagnosis Maggie had been having trouble keeping food down. She has kept every speck of food down since we started her on the prednolosone as well as the Essiac. We have moved down to one serving of Essiac per day now that she is cancer free and showng no signs of distress.


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Looking to the Future with Our Girl

We are meeting with the vet again this month and will consider taking her off the prednolosone if the vet feels that is warrented. We were told it was OK to leave her on it for life, but we would prefer to keep her medication free moving forward if possible.

We will continue providing Essiac Tea to her for sure. We call her our miracle kitty, even though this outcome to be honest is expected by us with what we have seen with Essiac Tea. We are greatful for every extra day we have had with her. We have confidence that the Essiac Tea was what made the difference for her. The doctor said she would have only a 1% chance of living more than 1-2 months even with the prednolosone. It's already been 8 months and she is happy and healthy and still here 😊


Check out our Pet page to learn how much Essiac to give to your furry friend.



Order your Own Supply of Essiac Tea Today

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All orders come complete with the easy-to-follow instructions and suggested use. This tea is simple to make and takes just ten minutes to make a two-week supply.


  • Love your product. I am definitely going to purchase it. Loved you story about your cat. I will definitely try it if needed. Forwarded your story to my friend who runs a cat rescue and clinic. She will tell the clients who need this information. Thank you so much!!

    Nancy Juskowich
  • That is wonderful

  • I am so glad to here Maggie is clear of Cancer.My dog Zeus had to have his thyroid removes and when we were told this we started giving my dog the tea and the biopsy came back negative.My son works at a grocery store and a customer was telling him her dog had blood cancer and after giving him the tea he was healed.
    Janet Boren
  • First, thank you so much for sharing your story and that you had a good outcome. We have a couple feral cats that we feed the third feral cat that we took in so it’s good to know that there are options just in case.

  • I am so happy this was a good turn out for you and your pet and thank you for sharing your story. We have a few feral strays that we feed and one we ok in so it’s wonderful to know there is an option for pets too.

    Vicki S.

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