You Can Improve the Taste of Essiac With These Tips

There Are Simple Ways to Make Essiac More Palatable - Even to the Most Finicky of People

Essiac has an earthy, grassy taste—some compare it to green tea. This tea was not created with taste in mind—it’s designed for results. Of course nobody wants to risk affecting the results of the tea based on altering it in a way that Rene Caisse would not have done to improve taste.

No matter how you find the taste of Essiac the first few times, just about everyone gets used to it very quickly. If you can stick it out over the first couple of days, I promise—it gets easier. Many even say they develop an acquired taste for it (this happened to me!) I find that I crave it now if I go off it for a few days.

However, some people struggle to get it down at first. If that’s you, no problem! We've got some proven tips to help you with improving the taste of Essiac.

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Here are some things you can add to the tea in order to make it a more pleasant experience.

These substances should be added to the tea after it’s prepared according to instructions. Do not add anything to the tea while it’s brewing. This way you will be sure to keep the ratio of herbs correct. For example, once you have your normally prepared tea, you can pour your 3 oz. serving of Essiac. Then you can add, say, 3 oz. of orange juice. That means you’re now drinking a 6 oz. beverage that includes the 3 oz. of tea. It's critical that you are able to keep track of how much actual tea you are drinking before you add anything on top of that. In this way, you will preserve the efficacy of the tea.

Let us know if you have other methods that have worked for improving the taste of Essiac in the comments! We’d love to hear from you.

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  • Hi Laura, we don’t recommend taking kombucha at the same time as you take the tea because of the added cane sugar in most types. If yours has no sugar than it would be ok, but my impression is that most of them do. Natural fruit/vegetable juices are fine. You can have your kombucha one hour after your essiac though, no problem.

    Gina Paulhus
  • Hi Glenn, you can buy essiac here:

    Gina Paulhus
  • My husband has been taking The Essiac herbal extract in 6 ounces of water before he goes to bed every night for one year. His PSA count has gone down to normal 8.9 and he feels confident that it has helped him with his bladder and prostate cancer two different ones he refuses to have any Surgery or chemo Plus the swelling in his legs has gone down and I also think that it has helped his heart function better that’s not been proven he is 81 years old

    Nancy C Gogal
  • Just had my first dose. 1 oz with 1 oz water. It wasn’t so bad. Thought I would start slow. 10 mins now, no nausea.

    Darla Amos
  • How do I buy tea??

    Glenn thomas

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