Ever Wonder Why Essiac Tea Has a Slippery Texture?

The Slippery Elm Bark in Essiac Tea is the Reason Behind the Slippery Texture of Essiac

 A lot of our customers have asked us, "Why does my Essiac get a little bit slippier or slimier in the fridge? Or why does one batch seem little bit slippier than the other?" Slippery elm bark, as the name implies, is the reason why your herbs are slippery.


essiac tea texture


Slippery elm bark is traditionally used in a lot of cough medicine, cough drops, anything that can be used to soothe the throat. That nice slippery texture is really soothing. And in that same way, that slipperiness can really really help our digestive tract. Our digestive tract acts like a big long tube, and a little lube goes a long way!



So slippery elm bark is great, and because this is an organic herb, it will be a little bit different from batch to batch, from season to season. That is normal. So if you find that your Essiac isi more slippery than usual or even a little bit less slippery than usual, those are all within reasonable variation. We use some Essiac ourselves from each and every batch, and we also test each and every batch. We never send anything out the door that doesn't meet quality standards.


essiac tea texture


Then when you leave the tea in the fridge, we have you steep this and we have you do it for twelve hours out in room temperature, and then it goes into the fridge. Part of why we have you make it in such a large batch is that it can gel and get a little bit slippier as sits.

Be sure to take a big wooden and spoon and stir your pitcher when it's time to pour out your Essiac servings. This will make sure to disperse that slippery Essiac substance as much as you can so that when you go to drink it, a little bit of each and every herb will get into your body.


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