Do You Need to Change Your Diet When Taking Essiac Tea?

Wondering if you need to change your diet when you take Essiac tea?

It's common for cancer protocols to require that you change your diet when adopting the protocols. Usually it's explained that the protocol won't work unless you change your diet in a specific way. Of course, if you are purchasing a supplement or herbal product and the product suggests that you change your diet you are going to do that if you are serious about getting well. However, that often comes at a financial cost, a taste cost, a social cost and/or a time cost (having to eat different foods than your friends and family). Many times, the diet change is asking too much and folks simply can't stick with it long-term. Other times, nutritional deficiencies are developed which can cause additional problems for people.



The good news about Essiac tea is that you don't need to change your diet in order for the Essiac tea to work.

We have tracked users for over 20 years and have seen no correlation with those who decided to change their diet by eliminating food groups and those who did not. Of course, you will need to follow the instructions that come with your order in terms of taking Essiac tea on an empty stomach (no food 2 hours before Essiac tea and no food 1 hour after Essiac tea). 

Obviously, eating healthy is a good idea. We are not suggesting that you shouldn't try to eat healthy. Of course it is! However, we aren't recommending that you eliminate entire food groups or engage in restrictive fasts in order to allow the Essiac to work.


In general, a balanced diet that includes:


is the way to go. Try to minimize sugar, trans fats and alcohol if you are concerned with eating as healthfully as possible. Always defer to your medical team when it comes to dietary suggestions.


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Since you don't have to change your diet, you will know it was actually the Essiac that worked, and not the diet change

If you change your diet and take a supplement or herbal tea, how do you ever know which thing did the trick? The simple answer is, you don't. It makes you wonder if these products actually work as well as they claim to 🤔 


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