Essiac Must Be Taken as Rene Caisse Suggested For Best Results. Period.

I wanted to take a moment to share with you the importance of following Rene Caisse's instructions exactly when it comes to your Essiac tea use.


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Here is a list of questions we get asked on a regular basis about deviating from the instructions we provide on taking Essiac tea

  • Can I take 4.5 oz. twice a day instead of 3 oz. three times a day?
  • Can I take a double serving if I miss a serving and expect the same results?
  • Is taking the Maintenance serving (3 oz. twice a day) enough if I wish to improve health?
  • Can I heat up the Essiac before I drink it?
  • Can I strain the herbs out and just drink the tea?
  • Can I wait only 30 minutes after Essiac to eat instead of the full hour?
  • Can I take it with food and expect the same results?
  • Can I add it to a smoothie?
  • Can I take the powder and put it into capsules?
  • Can I take the powder and put it into tea bags?
  • Can I add honey to it?
  • Can I make one cup at a time instead of brewing a whole batch?


The answer is no, no, no and no :) You see, Rene Caisse performed extensive research on Essiac tea from the years of 1959 through 1967. In her research that she performed along Dr. Charles Brusch they uncovered the optimal way to take Essiac tea. None of the above criteria met the methods of preparation they found to be the most effective. You can read more about this research here as well as in the book The Essiac Report by Richard Thomas.

Certainly, taking Essiac in alternate ways besides the way Rene Caisse found to be the best is better than not taking Essiac at all. However, when it comes to your health, only the best should do! We are all human and once in a while we will mess up and forget a serving or eat too close to taking Essiac. However, try to make that the rare exception, not the rule.


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Here are our Best Tips on how to properly take Essiac tea

  • Our #1 Tip - Read the booklet that comes with the product carefully. That booklet contains all the tips you need to know to maximize your results with Essiac
  • If you aren't going to read that, at the very least read the Cheat Sheet insert (also available here)
  • Make it a routine of keeping a clean thermos available for you to take Essiac servings with you with a few ice cubes tossed in when you are out and about
  • Always start brewing your next batch when you notice only about 3 servings left per adult using the tea
  • Have two pitchers available or a clean one at the ready for when your 12 hours letting the tea sit out after is up. Anything you normally use to hold iced tea is fine to store the Essiac in
  • Develop an eating schedule that makes remembering to take Essiac while your stomach is empty a breeze. I always take Essiac right when I wake up, I take it between lunch and dinner, and I take it again before bed
  • Reorder as you start preparing your last bag in the event of shipping delays - sooner if you are an international customer


We know Essiac is not the most convenient thing in the world to do...but the reason that Essiac is still popular in spite of that is because it really works! Because of that, we are able to offer a Money Back Results Guarantee when the product is used for six months at directed. What other supplement or tea company offers such a Guarantee? That tells you a lot.

If this tea didn't do what we say it does, we would be out of business. I promise, once you settle into a routine with Essiac isn't not so bad. Your health will thank you!


Order Your Own Supply of Genuine Essiac Today

Be careful when comparing price with companies who sell only a couple of weeks' worth at a time - we sell enough to last months at a time which saves you a ton of money.

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All orders come complete with the easy-to-follow instructions and suggested use. This tea is simple to make and takes just ten minutes to make a two-week supply.


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