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We would like to share with you a letter we received from a recent customer:

"Gina I wanted to thank you for your honesty & your follow up on my order. Such honesty & integrity is rarely found these days. I will like & put a review on Facebook. I am not on any other social media, but if there is somewhere else I can leave a review for you please let me know.

As I have been using the tea for over 12 years. I have recommended the tea to so many people. I have pieces of paper that I have made & carry them in my purse with your company info on them & I hand them out to people.

I was blessed to fine your company..you made it affordable for me to use the tea & I will be forever grateful to you for that. I know you try to help people & you get very high marks from me for that. Thank you again...it is a real pleasure doing business with people like you." 


Rio Rico, AZ


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  • Hi Pia,

    We are sorry to hear what you went through. We are so glad that you have found our tea! Thank you so much for using it and for sharing the word with others! We truly appreciate it. Be well!

    Gina Paulhus
  • Hello,
    I just found genuineessiac! I have been taking Essiac tea since 1985. It was recommended to me when I was battling cancer. Two friends of friends from two diffrent parts of the country knew what I was going through and told me about this tea that was kind of unheard about at the time! I stared taking it after reading the book about Rene Cassiac’s quest, and my second time of chemo(6 months each time) and second time of cancer first ovarian and then breast. I had breast cancer again in 2003, ovarian 1992 and reoccurance in 1994 plus breast then too. And here I am a firm believer soo many years later, I talk about Essiac tea to everybody and many has tried it and become believers. I have had many diffrent sources to get the tea over the years, and I’m happy to have found you, Thank you!
    My husband who suffers from Rheumatoid arthritis also take essiac tea, and it helps him!
    Thank you again!!

    Pia Reilly
  • Hi Cheryl,

    It really made our day to hear the wonderful account of your sister’s healing. Thank you so much for sharing the story with us.

    Be well!


    Gina Paulhus
  • Hello my sister has small cell lung cancer that memtasized into her brain she has been really sick laying on the couch not talking doing nothing much but dying and withering away . She originaly weighed 120 pounds since she has been diagnosis with cancer she has loss 40 npounds . I heard about essiac tea on a documentry called FORBIDDEN CURES OF CANCER they dont want you to know about this tea because all of the money cancer brings in which is so wrong people are dyingi My friend had 4th stage liver cancer and I got him to drink essiac tea and the cancer is gone . So as I was watching my sister die right in front of me I got some tea from Brian and she started drinking it with real honey because she could not stomach it without the honey . We just got news the tumor is half the size in her brain the cancer spread to her bones and that has diminished she was going blind and she got her eye sight back . Essaic tea and Brian has helped save my sisters life it is a miracle and me and my family are so grateful to Brian and his Company essiac tea they are Truly an amazing Company and are saving peoples life THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SAVING MY SISTERS LIFE .

    cheryl bachman
  • Hi Roxanne, some folks continue to use the tea to help their immune system stay strong and remove any toxins that may be affecting them. Usually folks take less essiac when they are feeling well compared to when they are sick. However this product is safe to take for the rest of your life if desired.

    Gina Paulhus

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